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Missing a flight can be one’s worst nightmare, especially when you need to go somewhere for an important cause. There may be various reasons for missing the flight, but you need not worry. 

The airline has a specific policy - American Airlines Missed Flight Policy, that you need to abide by. And by following the same, all your hassles pertaining to ‘missed flight’ will be eliminated.

Further, there is a rebooking procedure to help passengers who miss their flights.

In this blog, we will explore the American Airlines policy on missed flights, what you can expect in the said scenario, and what to do about it.

Critical points to consider if you fail to catch an AA Flight

  • If you are the reason behind a flight miss, the airline will not refund.
  • If an airline delay or cancellation causes you to miss the connection flight, AA will rebook you.
  • When some changes affect your trip, American Airlines contact you in advance to rebook your flight.
  • If you inform the airline beforehand regarding the reason for a miss, AA may book you on a new flight, provided the reason felt valid to them.
  • If there is no new flight available for the same destination, the airline will put you on the standby list.
  • American Airlines will reroute your bags when you check in for your new flight.

What to do After Missing My American Airlines Flight?

If you miss your flight, check out the highlights and know the things you can do further:

  • First things first, after you miss the flight, inform the airline immediately.
  • If you are aware that you will be missing the flight, cancel it to avoid the fee. 
  • If you inform the airline in advance about the reason for a miss, it may book you on a new flight.
  • If you don’t want a rebooking, just inform them well in advance, and AA will credit you a refund.
  • You can request the airport staff or reach out to a representative if you miss the connecting flight.

Thus, on missing your flight., informing the executive should be the first thing you can do to avoid any further hassle.

Highlights of the American Airlines Missed Flight Policy

  • AA rebooks the flight if the customer misses their flight because of delay and cancellation.  
  • The amount of the missed flight fee is based on the type of ticket you purchased. 
  • AA has a No-show policy for passengers who miss their flight with no cancellation and prior intimation.
  • If an emergency causes the passenger to miss the flight, American Airlines rebooking option covers him. 
  • If a passenger reaches the airport within 15 minutes of departure and misses the flight, AA will rebook for him. 
  • If you are unable to check-in post reaching the airport due to long lines at the security or baggage approval, American Airlines will rebook you.

What is American Airlines 15 Minute Rebooking Policy? 

It means post missing the flight, you still need to be at the gate 15 minutes prior to departure to qualify for a rebooking. If the passenger reaches after the 15-minute window, AA will not rebook. 

Further, rebooking will be subject to availability. Moreover, passengers will only get the rebooking if the destination of the new flight is the same.

How Can I Rebook an American Airlines Flight?

Passengers can rebook if they fail to catch the AA flight in the following cases:

  • If there was a medical emergency 
  • The traveller reaches the airport within 15 minutes to flight departure. 

Follow the steps below for re-booking: 

  • Visit the website of American Airlines.
  • Then go to the ‘Flight Booking’ option.
  • Tap on the ‘change flight’ option
  • Enter your new booking details to rebook the flight.
  • Tap on ‘confirm’ and make the payment.
  • At last, proceed to confirm the booking and payment details.

Likewise, passengers can rebook their flight by calling the customer service team using the American Airlines Missed Flight Phone Number. While calling, you just have to provide the new details for the booking and then make the payment.

Can I Get Refund for a Missed Flight at American Airlines?

Yes. To get a refund, inform the airline 24 hours prior to flight departure. Provide a valid reason for missing the flight, and AA will provide you with a refund.

But note that you must be eligible for it. However, if there is a no-show, you will not get the refund. Moreover, if a no-show happens because of an emergency or some medical reason, you will get the refund.

Note: If you bought the ticket through the OTAs, American Airlines will not be responsible for processing a refund. You will need to contact them directly.

What are the qualifying reasons to get a rebooking on AA flight?

There are multiple reasons for which you can get the flight rebooking on AA. They are: 

  • Events beyond AA's control like weather, strike, or other civil disorders.
  • Failure to reach the gate on time because of long lines at the gate.
  • Miscommunication reading the gate or boarding procedure.
  • Missed flight due to emergency. 
  • Technical issues with AA that led to the cancellation or delay. 
  • Personal reasons such as getting lost at the airport or because of traffic.

How much does American Airlines charge for a missed flight?

American Airlines charges a certain amount of fee if you miss the flight. The American Airlines missed flight fee depends upon the fare class, the type of ticket you bought, and the reason for missing the flight. It completely is upon the discretion of AA whether it charges you a fee or not.

Further, if you miss the flight because of personal reasons, the missed flight fee will be applicable.

Bottom Line 

That’s it about American Airlines Missed Flight Policy. We hope the above-mentioned information resolved all your queries pertaining to missing an AA flight. Moreover, AA prioritizes customer satisfaction and therefore, helps its passengers resolve issues with missed flight situation.

In case you need more help regarding missed flight scenarios, reach out to us at +1-860-516-6375, or call the customer service team at American Airlines.

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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

What happens if American Airlines causes you to miss your flight?

If your flight is missed because of American Airlines, then AA will rebook you at no additional cost.

Do American Airlines cancel the return if I miss my flight?

If the passenger misses any of the connections of the round trip, the AA will cancel the return flight.

Will I get compensation if I miss my AA flight?

Yes, if the ‘missed flight scenario’ existed due to the airline’s fault, and because of it, you were not able to catch the connecting flight.
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