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Boarding and checking are important processes in an itinerary. Air France check-in policy comes with various ways to simplify these two processes. This policy enables you to easily complete your check-in from the comfort of your and board your flight. The airline allows you to pick any way to check in for your flight. This guide will help you to learn all the ways in detail and the time frame to complete the check-in process.

An Overview Of Air France Check-in Policy

Air France Airlines has set down some guidelines to complete the check-in process to board the flight. Read all the following points carefully for a better insight. 

  • Passengers with domestic reservations have to arrive at the airport two hours before take-off. It is important as the check-in process takes time.
  • Besides, the time frame will be 3 hours prior to the take-off time for the international flight reservations.
  • You have to go through the multiple security check-ups and the formalities.
  • One can complete the web check-in procedure between 24 hours and 90 minutes prior to the take-off as per the Air France web check-in policy.
  • Travelers can also reserve their flight for priority check-in one day before the take-off time.
  • Besides, passengers who complete their check-in through Kiosk are able to check-in for their domestic flight up to 12 to 45 hours before the departure.
  • The time period will be 60 minutes prior to the departure for the international flights.
  • One can select their seats at the time of check-in.
  • Flyers must reach the airport a few hours before the take-off.

Different Methods Of Check-in On Air France

The airline offers various options to complete the check-in process for the convenience of its passengers. Move ahead and look at all the ways available on United Airlines for check-in. 

Air France Check-in Online

You can use this check-in method up to 30 hours before the departure time. Follow the below steps to use the same:

  • Visit the official website of Air France Airlines.
  • Click on the Check-in tab from the menu.
  • Enter the required details in the given space.
  • It may include the ticket number and the last name of the passenger.
  • Select the Check-in button.
  • Consider the Air France check-in online on-screen prompts.
  • The airline will send your boarding pass to your email.

Check-in Through Mobile Application 

It is an alternative way to complete the check-in through the Air France mobile application. Here are the steps to use this method: 

  • Download the application on your device.
  • Locate the check-in option in the app and click on it.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.
  • You will acquire your boarding pass in your email inbox.

Note: Flyers can use this option from anywhere from the comfort of their home.

Check-in At The Airport

You can even visit the airport to complete your Air France check-in and contact the agents directly for assistance. Be sure to keep some things in mind while use this method that is as follows: 

  • Reach the airport a few hours before the take-off time.
  • Visit the nearest check-in counter and join the queue.
  • Provide all the required details of your flights and your personal information.
  • Pay the applicable fee if applicable.
  • Acquire your boarding pass and submit your luggage for checking.
  • Show the pass at the boarding gate to the present person.

Self-Service Kiosk Check-in 

A Kiosk is a device available at all the airports. Once can use it to complete the check-in process with ease.

  • Head to the departure airport prior to the check-in time.
  • Locate the self-service kiosk near the boarding gate.
  • Enter the flight details to log in to your account.
  • Follow the steps as shown on the screen.
  • Select the Check-in option and proceed.
  • You will acquire your boarding pass at the same time.

How to Get an Air France Airlines Check In Boarding Pass?

There are various ways available you can use to obtain your boarding pass for a check-in Air France boarding pass. 

  • To the active email at the time of reservation.
  • Download the version on the mobile.
  • Printed version directly at the airport counter.
  • Get a hard copy at the kiosk desk at the airport.

What is the Air France Check-in Time Limit? 

The time limitations for marking the arrivals are based on the Arrival destination and travel itinerary. Here is the table showing the time frame of check-in Air France before the departure.

Arrival Destination 

Check-In Time Limit (Before Departure) 

Paris-Charles de Gaulle

40 minutes 

French regional cities

30 minutes 


40 minutes 

Hannover and Istanbul

1 hour 

Regions within Europe 

40 minutes 

Milan, Moscow, St. Petersburg

50 minutes 

Great Britain and Ireland 

40 minutes 


2 hours 


one hour and 30 minutes 

South Africa and Cairo

1 hour 


one hour and 30 minutes 

Further, the check-in deadline can differe based on the departure airport.

Departure Destination 

Check-In Time (Before Take-off) 


30 minutes 


30 minutes

Beijing and Nairobi

1 hour and 15 minutes 

Brazzaville/ Cairo/ Caracas/ Conakry, Cotonou/ Dakar/ Djibouti/ and Douala, 

one hour and 30 minutes 

Accra, Bamako, Bangui, Banjul, Lagos, and Abidjan

2 hours 

Lyon and Nantes 

40 minutes 


1 hour 


30 minutes 

Abuja and Algiers

one hour and 30 minutes 

How early can you check in for Air France?

You can complete the check process up to 30 hours before your flight's departure as per Air France web check-in policy. Similarly, you must check-in up to two hours before the take-off of domestic flights. The time limit to complete the check-in will be three hours before the departure for the international flights.

Note: Visit the official site of the airline/contact Air France agents to get additional details.

What happens if you do not check in 24 hours before your flight?

You risk lose your desired seat selection and might be allocated a seat at the airport at the time of check-in which may be less preferable. Similarly, you may face longer wait times at the desired airport as passengers must check in here instead of the online check-in option.

Does Air France have an online check-in?

Yes. Passengers can check in online up to 30 minutes before the take-off time under the Air France online check-in policy. You have various ways to print your board pass quickly. You can get it through an email, MMS/SMS/ or by self-service Kiosk at the airport.

Can I use Online Check-in if I have bags to check?

Yes. You can drop your baggage at the baggage drop-off counter before the check-in deadline of your flight. One can buy the additional baggage allowance when using the online check-in option with Air France Airlines.

Wind Up!

The Air France check-in policy makes sure that all the passengers check-in for their flight without any hassle. Thus, the airline offers various ways to do the same. Now, you can easily check-in for your flight using your preferred method. You can contact the airline experts when you face any issues while using any of them. They are available to assist you 24/7.

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