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Getting Ready for your upcoming Trip? Don’t let the baggage rules stress you out. Frontier Airlines has specific rules about what you can bring and How much it will cost you. However, In this blog, we will explore the Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy so that you can pack your bag your bags and travel hassle-free. Let’s make sure to find out if your bags are good to go when you fly next. 

Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy

There is a specific guideline for the bags on Frontier Airlines that you have to pay attention to, as these will help you understand the basics of your luggage. 

Here are some Rules of the Policy That should be kept in mind: 

  • Frontier Airlines allows one personal item to be free.
  • A carry-on bag has been purchased.
  • For oversized or overweight bags, charges are applicable according to the size limit. 
  • A fee may be charged for some sports equipment. 
  • Frontier Airlines charges the baggage fee for only one Trip.
  • For the round trip, you have to pay double the charges.
  • Pack light, as Frontier has Strict size and weight limitations.

What are the Frontier Bags Size and Weight Limits? 

Frontier Airlines, like many other Lines, has divided the baggage into three categories according to their size and the Weight Limit. Let’s find out what the size and weight of the bag should be. 

Personal Items: Frontier Airlines Allows passengers to carry one personal item that is included in their fares. Personal items like a computer bag, briefcase, diaper bag, tote bag, or purse. However:  

  • The size of the bag should be 14 "H X 18"W X 8"D. 
  • The Weight of the bag should not be more than 35 Pounds.
  • The size of the bag will checked at the boarding time.
  • And, if the dimensions or the size of the bag exceeds, you have to pay the charges.  

Carry-on: The carry-on Items on Frontier are large backpacks, small suitcases, and duffel bags/wheel bags. Also, medical devices and Pets are carried in carry-on bags. 

  • For carry-on bags, the size of the bag should not exceed 24"H X 16"W X 10"D 
  • The weight should be 35 lbs, including the straps and handles.
  • If the bag is larger than the given dimension and size, Frontier will charge the Extra fee.

Medical Devices

Frontier Airlines allows the medicine and Medical devices on Board as a carry-on. These are not to be kept in checked luggage. However, these devices must not exceed the dimension or size of the allowable carry-on. 

Pet Service

Frontier Airlines used the Department of Transportation rules for all the service animals. Only trained dogs and those with physical disabilities will be counted as service animals. Thus, Before traveling with the service animals, passengers must know the following: 

  • Passengers must submit complete details of the animal Air transportation within 48 hours.
  • Passenger is allowed to carry their pets in containers.
  • The container is considered a Personal Item. 
  • The size of the container should not be more than 8” Hx14” Wx18” L. 
  • Frontier Airlines does not allow pets in checked bags. 

Carry on and Board First

The Bord First option is a Priority Boarding that helps you to board before the zone. You can just add this option when you purchase the carry-on bags. 

Checked Bags: The checked bags can be bought for up to 60 minutes before domestic and international flights. And you can carry two free checked bags. 

  • The size should be 62 linear inches 
  • And the weight should be 40 Ibs. 

Note: Baggage weight more than 100 or ibs or exceeding 110 inches will not be accepted by Frontier Airlines.

Does Frontier Airlines Have a Military Bag Policy? 

Yes. Frontier Airlines has a particular baggage policy for Military personnel. This policy provides the US military personnel with a baggage waiver. The baggage waiver is offered when passengers present a Common access card at check-in. And Military personnel can get the following:  

  • One Free Personal Item 
  • One free carry-on bag 
  • Two free checked bags

These baggage waivers are only for military personnel. The oversized/overweight bag fees will be waived only first 2  free checked bags.

What do I know if I am Traveling with an infant on the Frontier? 

Infant Frontier Carry-on Policy 

Frontier Airlines has a Policy for infants. If you are flying with an infant, Frontier Airlines allows the infant to fly free on the lap of the passenger. And it can be considered the second carry-on. 

  • The infant age should be 7 days to 2 years. 
  • But for those aged 2 years or older must have a ticket and fly in their own seats. 
  • For security reasons, these children can sit in approved car seats or harnesses. 
  • Booster seats are used during the flight time, but they are not used at the time of landing.

How Much Does Frontier Airlines Charge for the Baggage?

Frontier Airlines has the best baggage fee structure, which includes how much you have to pay for the extra bags. So here are the guidelines for the Frontier Airlines baggage fee.



Oversized checked Bags 

$75 per bag

Overweight Checked Bags 

$50-$100 per bag


$100 per bag


$75 per bag

For the first checked bags, passengers do not have to pay the fee. If purchased online, there is a $30 fee for a second bag and around $40 for the third bag.

Do I have to buy it to bring the carry-on? 

Frontier Airlines only has one free personal item that you can bring on Board. And for the carry-on bags, you can purchase them at the time of Booking, and members with elite status or higher class may get the free carry-on. 

And if you purchase the Vacation bundle, then carry-on may be included in the package. For more information, you can check out the bag option on the Frontier Airlines Website.

How can I Avoid the Frontier Airlines Baggage Fee? 

If your bag weight exceeds the given weight limit, then you have to pay the charges. But there are multiple ways you can avoid the charges. These are as follows: 

  • Try to pack your items only in the carry-on bags, as the carry-on bags provide personal items that are free to carry on Board. So this way you can avoid the charges. 
  • Purchase the Work and Perk Bundle, purchasing these fares, you will save on your bags and get the various perks. 
  • If you are a member of the Frontier Airlines loyalty program, every mile is considered a reward. And with these rewards, you will get a free carry-on. 
  • And, those who are Military Personals, can get the free baggage. So if you are a military person bring the papers with you. 
  • Frontier Airlines has travel credits that you can use to get perks, while these do not provide you direct free bags, you will get bonus points.

These are some of the points that can help you avoid excess baggage fees and provide you with various travel perks.

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