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If you are going to travel with United Airlines, it is important to have complete knowledge about United Airlines baggage policy. It will enable you to board your flight without any hassle and make your journey smooth. Please note that the baggage allowance depends on multiple factors such as the ticket type/ destination/ and class of service. 

Further, passengers with United Airlines must get larger cabin items checked-in at the gate due to the small planes being used on some specified routes. Some items such as an umbrella/ child restraint/ etc. are allowed by the airline. Read the complete blog to take a deep dive into the United Airlines Baggage Policy 2024.

United Airlines Baggage Allowance

Passengers can bring one cabin baggage of 9 x 14 x 22 inch (22 x 35 x 56 cm), and one personal item with dimensions of 9 x 10 x 17 inches (22 x 25 x 43 cm). The baggage allowance for the passengers travelling on the Economy fare is different under the United Airlines baggage policy. 

Passengers with Basic Economy class cannot carry large cabin bags on the plane. The Basic Economy fares passengers can only bring one personal item on board and the maximum dimension can  be 9 x 10 x 17 inches (22 x 25 x 43 cm). You must check it in and pay up to $25 as a fee, in case you have Basic Economy fare and bringing a full-size cabin bag to the gate.

What is the United Airlines Checked Baggage Allowance? 

The checked baggage allowance is based on the type of the ticket/ MileagePlus status/ and the cabin type. Make sure that the checked baggage should not exceed 30 x 20 x 12 inches (76 x 52 x 30cm) under the United Airlines baggage policy. The weight allowance is only based on the MileagePlus status and type of the cabin. Take a closer look at the below table to get a better insight:

Weight Per Cabin Class

Maximum Weight Per Bag

United Business®

70 lbs / 32KG

United First®

70 lbs / 32KG

United Polaris® Business Class

70 lbs / 32KG

Premium Economy®

50 lbs / 23KG

United Economy®

50 lbs / 23KG

For MileagePlus Status:-

Weight Per MileagePlus Status

Maximum Weight Per Bag

Premier Silver

70 lbs / 32KG

Premier Gold

70 lbs / 32KG

Premier Platinum

70 lbs / 32 KG

Premier 1K®

70 lbs / 32KG

Star Alliance™ Gold - Business

70 lbs / 32KG

Star Alliance™ Gold - Economy

50 lbs / 23KG

United Airlines Oversize Baggage

Passengers must pay the additional service charge for their checked baggage that exceeds the weight and size beyond the limitations. The overweight/ oversized/ and extra baggage is not accepted on the flights to specified destinations and flights under a certain time frame under the United Airlines baggage policy.

Oversized Baggage: The bags that are from 63 to 115 linear inches or from 160 to 292 centimetres are considered as oversized baggage. Similarly, bags which are greater than 115 linear inches or 292 centimetres will not be approved as checked baggage.

Overweight Baggage: A bag of more than 100 pounds will not be accepted, with the exception of assistive devices and musical instruments. Similarly, the musical instruments must be up to 165 pounds, which will be allowed as per the United Airlines baggage policy.

Additional Baggage: The assistive devices are permitted at zero charges. No more than up to three extra checked bags are allowed only for the routes between Brazil, the U.S., the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.

Important Point: The United Airlines carry-on baggage allowance allows you to take one cabin bag of up to 9 x 14 x 22 inches (22 x 35 x 56 cm), one personal item with the maximum dimensions of 9 x 10 x 17 inches (22 x 25 x 43 cm).

What is allowed on board United Airlines? 

United Airlines permits passengers to bring gels, liquids, and aerosols in their carry-on baggage as long as such substances meet TSA’s liquid rules. Ensure that all these things are limited to up to 3.4-ounce containers and sealable quart-size baggage, and all such containers should fit into one clear container. United Airlines Baggage policy does not allow shampoo, mouthwash, conditioner, lotion, and toothpaste.

Passengers can carry the following items in addition to their personal items and carry-on bags:

  • Umbrella
  • Jacket or coat
  • Diaper bags
  • Breast milk pumps
  • Buy the food and drink at the airport after the security 
  • Purchase the merchandise at the airport such as the camera/books/magazines/ and souvenirs.
  • The child restraint system was approved by A.A. and the assistive devices like collapsible wheelchairs/ canes/ crutches/ etc. 
  • Medical devices for prescription medication. 
  • The portable oxygen concentrators. 
  • Pet carriers are subject to the charges. 
  • Vaping pens and e-cigarettes. 
  • Lithium batteries must be removed from their devices and protected and insulated against puncturing.
  • Avalanche packs along with the lithium batteries under 100WH

Restricted Items 

Any item prohibited by TSA violates the carry-on policy of United Airlines. It is better to check your packed item with the TSA before traveling. Similarly, the airline prohibits the items for carry-on that are as follows: 

  • All kinds of lighters and matches.
  • The smart bags do not have removable lithium batteries. 
  • Substances based on the power over 12 fluid ounces. 
  • Self-riding and self-balancing bags. 
  • The Camping equipment consists of any kind of fuel.
  • The self-defense sprays
  • Torch lighters. 
  • Tasers
  • Gunds, knives, or other weaponry
  • The sporting equipment for the use of weapon
  • Avalanche packs containing 1.4s or CO2
  • Recalled, damaged, or defective batteries
  • Ready-to-eat meals that contain flameless heaters
  • Shock absorbers
  • Explosives (fireworks, flare guns, flares, gunpowder, or novelty items)

Are there fees for baggage on United Airlines?

Yes. United Airlines asks to pay the charges that are calculated by the type of fare purchased by the passenger as per the United Airlines baggage policy for free. Passengers must pay the fee for the standard checked baggage/hand luggage only for domestic flights. Here are the fee amounts: 

  • First bag: $35.00 USD
  • Second bag: $45.00 USD
  • Third and any additional: $150.00 USD per bag

Check out the crucial information in the table below for better insight.

Type of fee 


United Airlines Baggage Fee for Domestic Travel 

Economy class passengers must pay $40 for the first checked baggage and $50 for the second checked baggage.

United Airlines Baggage Fee for international travel 

Economy passengers can enjoy up to two checked baggage for free based on the destinations only for international travel. 

United Airlines Baggage Fee for basic economy

The amount for the first checked baggage will be $70 and the amount will be $100 for the second checked baggage for the international routes. 

United Airlines Carry-on Bag Fees

You can bring one carry-on bag and one personal item for free only for domestic and international flights. 

United Airlines Overweight Baggage Fee 

You must pay up to $200 per baggage in case your bag exceeds up to 50 pounds but less than 70 pounds. 


Pay up to $400 per bag when the weight of your bag is more than 70 pounds but less than 100 pounds. 

United Airlines Baggage Fee 

United Airlines will charge you an extra fee when the checked baggage measures more than 62 inches. Ensure that the maximum size of your checked baggage must be 115 inches. 

Important Point: The box can weigh up to 50 pounds (23 kilograms). The total length + width + height of the box must be less than 62 inches (158 centimeters).

How to avoid United Airlines baggage fees?

Here are some tips and tricks to avoid baggage fees and save money under the United Airlines baggage policy. 

Credit cards: Using a credit card to pay for your ticket entitles you to a bag fee waiver, which is the easiest option to avoid paying for checked bags when traveling with United. Five of these cards are available from United and Chase, two small-business cards and three consumer cards.

Premium Cabin Travelers: You can avoid paying costs for checked bags with United when you pay more to fly in first class, business, or premium economy. Passengers in these cabins are entitled to two complimentary checked bags on domestic flights. There is a baggage allowance of 70 pounds for first-class and business travelers.

Purchase Elite Membership: United MileagePlus elite members are eligible for up to three complimentary checked bags depending on the destination and class of travel under the United Airlines baggage policy. One complimentary checked bag is included when using United Premier Silver Membership to fly to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, or Central America. 

United Premier Gold members: Receive two complimentary checked baggage when visiting Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central America, or anywhere in the continental United States.

Military Members: The active-duty U.S. military personnel and their accompanying dependents are eligible for complimentary checked luggage when flying on United Airlines. A person may check up to five bags when travelling for holidays or for leisure, however, you can only get up to three bags checked-in for business travel purposes.

United Airlines Baggage Subscription: The subscriber, and up to eight companions can each check in two complimentary bags under the same reservation. It only applies to the standard-sized bags. Make sure that the oversize and overweight charges will be applied when the baggage exceeds the allowance. The baggage subscriptions can cover many passengers under the same reservation and one can travel to multiple regions, starting at $349.

Important Point: Premier Gold members can check two complimentary baggage at 70 pounds each for travel between the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands For all United Economy tickets.


These are the United Airlines baggage policy rules that every passenger must learn before starting their travel. You must remember that the passengers traveling in business or first class/ have elite status with United, and can check a bag of up to 70 pounds for free. If you are eager to get the additional information on the same, visit the official website or directly connect with the customer service team.

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