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There are times when travelers mention their Names erroneously. It results in the correct name on the ticket and facing issues when boarding the flight at the airport. American Airlines name change policy makes sure that all the passengers have a comfortable and pleasant travel experience.

Similarly, the airline asks you to change your name to perform the legal formalities and for other reasons. Passengers must use their full names when booking a flight. It enables you to avoid delays and confusion at the airport. Read the complete article to learn about the AA name change policy. 

Here is the information you need to know to change your name on an AA ticket!

How to Change a Name on American Airlines Ticket?

Suppose you wish to modify your name on the AA ticket. You need to follow the instructions below. Similarly, Minor name corrections applicable to the itineraries that contain only American Eagle and American Prime flights. It may be corrected under the same PNR.

AA Name Change on Ticket Online

  • First, visit the official website of American Airlines.
  • Go to the Manage Booking tab.
  • Enter the surname of the passenger and the ticket confirmation number.
  • You will see the list of your booked flights.
  • Select the flight for which you want to change the name.
  • The name of the traveler must be the same as the legal photo ID.
  • You can change up to three characters on the last/first name.
  • Pay the applicable charges of $120 as the American Airlines name change fee.
  • At last, you will get a confirmation email from the airline with your updated name details.

Change The Name Through Phone Number

Passengers can even call the airline to change the name on the ticket. Consider the steps below to contact the airline for American Airlines change name on ticket.

  • Visit the main website of the airline.
  • Scroll down and go to the Contact Us tab.
  • Here, you will find multiple ways to contact the airline.
  • Pick an American Airlines phone number as per your current region.
  • Dial the number from your phone.
  • Follow the IVR steps on the call and choose the right key.
  • You will get in touch with a live person at AA.
  • Make a request to change your name and share the required information.
  • Pay the applicable fee once the agent changes your name.

Other Online ways to change your name:

  • Make a live chat with a live person.
  • Send an email to the airline.
  • Use social media platforms.
  • Send a text to the AA customer service team.

What is the American Airlines Name Change Policy?

Suppose you wish to change the same name on your American Airlines ticket. You must go through the following terms and conditions. Here are the highlights of the policy of an American Airlines change name on ticket.

  • AA enables you to modify your name on its flight tickets.
  • American Airlinespermit for a name change for the eligible tickets and the travel representatives may reissue flight tickets.
  • The airline also offers the flexibility for Minor and Major corrections on the name for wholly unused (001) validated flight tickets.
  • Name changes are only applicable when the ticket was purchased directly from American Airlines.The change must be made at least 60 days before the flight.
  • Passengers can modify their name on American Airlines tickets through the official website/ phone/ mobile app/ or by visiting the airport.
  • You cannot transfer your ticket to anyone else.
  • Additionally, the name change request is required in case of marriage/divorce.
  • In such cases, passengers need to show valid documents to the airline.
  • Similarly, minor and major name corrections are permitted on AA tickets.

Types of American Airlines Name Change

AA allows its passengers to modify their names on the ticket. However, there are multiple categories of name change requests you can do with American Airlines.

Change Passenger’s Name

A traveler can amend the first and last name on the ticket according to the American Airlines name change policy. You can change up to three characters of your name. The airline requires the same name on the ticket that exactly matches your government-issued ID documents.

Change Middle Name

You can attach/remove the middle name under the policy of the American Airlines name correction. The current flight booking will provide you with a new PNR to modify a name. Examine your AA name correction request using the American Airlines name modification phone number.

Change Passenger’s Name to Nickname

Travelers can provide a nickname/maiden name, and they can delete/attach up to three characters of their name. Besides, the name of the traveler has to match exactly as it appears on the passport/government-issued ID.

Add Suffix/Prefix

You can even delete/attach the suffix and prefix as per your requirements as the minor AA name modification. In this case, the name corrections must be done only in the similar PNR. Travelers can attach prefixes and suffixes to their Names as per the American Airlines name correction policy.

Critical Name Change 

AA also allows major name corrections under legal situations under the American Airlines name change policy. Similarly, you need to show the following documents to the airline:

  • Marriage certificate
  • Divorce Agreement
  • A legal document by the government with an old name to be modified into the new name.

Required Name Authorized Documents

Some of the American Airlines name corrections are made under the legal purview according to the name modification policy. It may be a Divorce agreement, Marriage license, legal name change document, or a photo ID/passport by the government.

How to Make a Name Correction on AA?

If you wish to correct a misspelled name on the ticket while making your AA reservation. Follow the below step-by-step guidance:

  • Visit the official website of the airline.
  • Enter your PNR to log in to your account.
  • Change the information about the flight departure.
  • Call the American Airlines agents.
  • Request them to correct your name.

Note: To change the name on your American Airlines ticket, simply dial +1-860-516-6375 for swift and accurate assistance.

How Much is the American Airlines Name Change Fee?

American Airlines charges a fee when it comes to American Airlines change name on ticket. Besides, passengers can change their names for free within 24 hours of reservation. This type of name modification is free of cost.

Similarly, a visitor will need to pay $25 as the processing fee when correcting their name. The American Airlines name change fee is $200 and $700 for domestic and international passengers. 

How long does It Take to Modify Names on American Airlines Tickets? 

Usually, the airline will take 24 hours to reflect the changes/corrections on a ticket from the time you change your name. The time to change a name may vary. It is better to contact the airline directly to get accurate information about the same.

In Conclusion!

This is how passengers can change the name on an American Airlines ticket. American Airlines name change policy provides the flexibility to change your name. It is a customer-friendly policy, so one can easily change/correct their name. You can change the passenger Name on an AA ticket through contact their customer service at +1-860-516-6375. Feel free to get in touch with us.

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