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Committing mistakes is human nature. Name correction on flight tickets is one of them. However, there is no mistake which can not be solved. Thanks to Allegiant Air Name Change policy, that helps you when you enter the wrong spelling while booking a flight ticket. 

Name correction is not limited to spelling errors. You may need to make it because of change in documents for various reasons like marriage and divorce. 

Further, you can make changes in your name with or without a fee, depending on Allegiant Air criteria. It is better to learn the name change requirements on Allegiant Air in advance. The article below will help you gain a better insight into it. 

Allegiant Air Name Change Requirements

You can easily correct your name on your Allegiant Air flight ticket if you consider some of the requirements below. 

  • Allegiant Air will offer you a fresh ticket if you apply for a name change. 
  • Similarly, Allegiant Air does not allow the transfer of a ticket to another passenger.
  • Further, Fare rules will apply when you apply for name correction on Allegiant Air. 
  • If you want a name change because of marriage/divorce, then you must also submit valid documents.
  • Similarly, airlines can charge you a name correction fee. 
  • You may need to conduct some necessary formalities after rectification. 
  • Next, you can apply for Allegiant to change the passenger name only on Allegiant Air authorized flights.

Note: The above Allegiant policies are subject to change. Therefore, check the latest modifications on the airline website.

Allegiant Air Name Change Types 

There are various types of name change available with Allegiant Air. If you are looking to change your name on Allegiant, then you need to consider the below types:

Name Change Because of Spelling Mistakes

Allegiant Air lets you correct the misspelled name for free. However, you can do it for no cost with only up to four characters. Therefore, you can easily make the changes in first/last/middle name. You can do it by visiting the “My Bookings” section on the airline’s official website.

Add or Remove Middle Name

As per government regulations, it is mandatory for passengers that their name on flight ticket matches with that on the official ID. Therefore, if you skipped your middle name by mistake, calling an Allegiant Air representative to correct, would be advisable. You may need to provide a few supporting documents for that.

Name Change Because of Marriage and Divorce

Marriage or divorce can also be a reason behind the name change. Therefore, you need to provide assisting documents like marriage certificate, legal statement by court etc. One must check the Allegiant Air guidelines before submitting the documents.

Add a Title or Prefix

You can also add a title or prefix before your first name. However, you may need to pay a fee depending on your ticket type. Hence, check out your ticket terms carefully.

How to Change Name on Allegiant Flight?

Once you understand the Allegiant change passenger name requirements, you can easily do it. The airline gives you a number of options to do it. So, you can choose from any of the following options:

Allegiant Air Name Change Online

  • Visit Allegiant Air official website
  • Then, look for the "My Booking" section.
  • Further, enter your booking confirmation number and last name
  • All your bookings will display on the screen.
  • Next, choose a booking for which you need a name change.
  • Provide the correct name details
  • Then, submit the documents as proof if asked.
  • Lastly, make the payment, if applicable.

Allegiant Air will send you the confirmation for changes in your registered mail. However, if you can't find your allegiant confirmation number, then immediately connect with its customer service.

Name Change Offline through Phone

If you find it hard to do online then you can complete Allegiant change name on ticket offline. For that, dial Allegiant Air phone number 1 (702) 505-8888 follow the guided process. 

  • Choose the prompt to connect with the Allegiant Air agent
  • Then, ask the representative for name correction 
  • Provide the requested details.
  • Further, pay a fee and 
  • Wait for the updated ticket in your email.

Social Media

You can contact the Allegiant Air representative through social media platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Therefore, click on the icon available on the airline homepage and drop your request for a change of name. Further, the representative will connect with you in the least possible time.


Email is also an option to connect to an agent at Allegiant. However, use this option when you have sufficient time. For this, you can use the Email Us option in the Contact Us section on the website. Type your concern in the compose box and submit it.

Note: Allegiant Air also allows name change at the airport. However, it is possible only upto 3 hours before the flight.

Is There an Allegiant Name Change Fee?

Allegiant Air does not charge a fee when you require small changes in your name. For example, typing mistakes, legal name change etc. 

However, In other situations, you may need to pay Allegiant Air name change fee that depends on various factors like 

  • Fare Type
  • Qualifications
  • Timing to request a change.

Accordingly, you need to pay the following fee

  • For minor correction: no fee 
  • For major changes like title, prefix, and suffix: Allegiant Air charge $75 plus fare difference. 

However, you can skip the above charges when you have purchased Trip Flex. But, you need to cancel the reservation at 1 prior to the flight. 

Further, Allegiant allows name changes only when 7 days left for the flight. 

Note: Allegiant Air does not allow transfer of tickets to other people. Therefore, if you are not able to use your ticket, cancel it through the managed travel section on the website.

How Can I Avoid Paying for Allegiant Name Change?

You can avoid the Allegiant charges for name correction in the following situation:

  • When you make modifications in 24 hours of booking the ticket.
  • Similarly, when you purchased a Trip Flex ticket.
  • When you only need minor changes.


So, if you have committed a mistake in entering your name on an Allegiant ticket then the above information will help you resolve it easily. Therefore, to proceed with Allegiant Air name change first you need to keep the above requirements in mind. However, you can contact Allegiant air phone number +1-860-516-6375 if you want to learn more.

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