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Have you planned your next trip with American Airlines? If yes, you will be thrilled to know that American Airlines offers the most convenient ways to check-in, it allows the passengers to save time and experience the best travel. Thus, before proceeding further, you must know the American Airlines check-in Policy to avoid any hassle while traveling. 

Moreover, we will give you complete details on the check-in Policy, and you will also learn about the various ways for American Airlines to check in and much more. So. let’s get started. 

What is the Check-in Policy For American Airlines

  • Ensure you have all the details handy if the check-in is done at the Airport.
  • Passenger can do the mobile check-in and save their time and paper to avoid the misplacing of the boarding pass. 
  • Single check-in time always depends upon the check-in option.
  • To check in at the Airport for international flights, passengers should be there for at least 3 hours. 
  • To check in at the Airport for international flights, the passenger should be there at least 4 hours. 
  • Also, before check-in, the passenger should check the destination travel restrictions, if any.

What are the Various Check-in Options On American Airlines? 

As per American Airlines Check in Policy, the airline offers various options to passengers so that they can choose any of them as per their preferences. The options are: 

  • Online check-in 
  • Mobile Check-in 
  • Web check-in 
  • Kiosk Check-in 
  • Airport Check-in 
  • Ticket Counter Check-in 

Let’s further discuss all the ways mentioned above step by step to avoid any hassle while check-in.

Online Check-in 

The online check-in on American Airlines allows all passengers to check in anytime from anywhere. It helps the passenger in saving their valuable time and effort. To check in online, follow the following steps:

  • Visit the website of American Airlines.
  • Go to the check-in option and provide all the details
  • Enter your name and booking reference number
  • After that, go to the check-in now option.
  • The online check-in is available 24/7 before the scheduled departure, and it ends 45 minutes before the scheduled departure

Mobile Check-in 

The passenger can check in for their flight using a mobile check-in; this can be done from home or any place. You need to open the app on your phone, find the check-in option, and complete the details. Once all is done, you will be given a boarding pass on your mobile phone. 

The Mobile check-in is open 24 hours before your scheduled departure, and it ends 45 mins prior. 


Web check-in is very similar to Mobile check-in but the web check-in is more user-friendly. Any of the passengers can check in before 1 day of the scheduled departure. 

Once you receive the boarding pass, you need to show it to the security checkpoint. 

The barcode should be visible from your mobile devices. 

Important: Various airports do not allow mobile boarding passes as valid passes, so make sure you know the airport policy in advance.

Kiosk Check-in 

The American Airlines Kiosk check-in is open 24 hours before the scheduled departure, and it ends 45 mins or 90 mins before the departure time. 

This option is for those who cannot use online or mobile check-in. Now, they can do it at the Airport. Before check-in, the passenger must have related documents, boring information, etc.

The following details can stop any of the passengers from kiosk check-in if they mention: 

  • A specific request was made by the minors who are now traveling with their pets. 
  • A specific request is made if the passenger is traveling in a group of more than eight passengers and using the same PNR.

Check-in At the Airport

This check-in option is for those passengers who need expert help; thus, as per the check-in policy, passengers can check in for their flight before 4 hours to schedule departure for both international and Domestic Flights.

For check-in at the Airport, the passenger needs to provide all the details to airline management. Then, the representative will provide a boarding card once the procedure is complete. 

Check-in At the Ticket Counter

The Ticket Counter Check-in option allows the passenger to arrive at the Airport and go to the Ticket Counter, once you reach there ask for help regarding your check-in from the representative. And when you complete the process, you can simply print out your boarding pass. 

For check-in, the passenger should arrive at the Airport 45 Mins to 4 hours before departure time.

What Is the Check-in Time of American Airlines? 

The right time to check-in at the Airport is 3 hours before the scheduled departure. Domestic flight passengers should arrive at least 2 hours and for international flights 3 hours before. Ensure that the check-in time Varies as per the check-in option. Let’s check all the times for domestic and international flights to avoid any hassle.

Check-in option 

Maximum Time 

( Domestic and International)

Minimum Time

(Domestic and International)


Online check-in 

24 Hours

45 mins /90 mins

Mobile Check-in 

24 hours 

45 mins/90 mins

Web check-in 

4 hours

60 mins/90 mins 

Kiosk Check-in 

24 hours

45 mins/90 mins

Airport Check-in 

4 hours

45 mins/90

Ticket Counter Check-in

4 hours

45 min/90 mins

What Is American Airlines check-in Baggage Policy?

The American Airline Baggage Check-in policy details are as follows: 

  • The passenger can check the 2 standard bags and 10 bags for US domestic flights
  • Minimum 5 bags if traveling to the Caribbean or Central America. 
  • The Maximum size of the bag should be at least 62 inches.
  • The maximum weight should be 23 kgs for economy it will be 50 pounds.
  • The maximum weight should be 32 kgs for business class, it will be 70 pounds.

What is the American Airline Baggage check-in Fee? 

The check-in fee will be there on American Airlines, the fees are 

Flight for US Domestic

First bag: USD 30.00
Second bag: USD 40.00

For Mexico:

First bag: USD 30.00
Second bag: USD 40.00

Caribbean (except Cuba and Haiti):

First bag: $30.00
Second bag: USD 40.00


First bag: Free (USD 30.00, Basic Economy)
Second bag: Free ($40.00, Basic Economy)


First bag: Free (USD 30.00, Basic Economy)
Second bag: USD 40.00

South America (except Colombia, Ecuador, and Guyana):

First bag: Free (USD 45.00, Basic Economy)
Second bag: USD 65.00


First bag: Free (USD 30.00, Basic Economy)
Second bag: USD 55.00


First bag: USD 30.00
Second bag: USD 40.00


First bag: Free
Second bag: Free

What Happens If I Don't Check in Before My Flight?

If you don’t check in before your flight, many things can happen, such as: 

  • If you already have a seat selection, then reach at least one hour and grab your boarding pass at the counter.
  • If you do not have a seat, reach at least 2 hours before, check-in at the kiosk or the gate, then the boarding pass will be assigned to you with your seat option.
  • If you reach the airport earlier but not far in advance, you can reach the counter or the airport counter and get the boarding pass but you will not get the assigned seat.
  • If you arrive late, consider taking another flight.

Last Words

That’s all about American Airlines check-in policy if you have further queries regarding the booking, or you have a check-in query are here to help you whether you are looking, for a booking, want to check your baggage status or any other related service. You can simply call the expert using a contact number (1-860-516-6375) or you can get the help using the live chat. 

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