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Anyone can fall into the situation where you are required to change your name on the ticket. It may put you into trouble when you provide an incorrect name that does not match your documents. Volaris name change Policy permits the passengers to simply amend an incorrect name or that must be modified due to legal issues.

A passenger can change a flight within 24 hours of purchase without any fee. Besides, You must cancel your ticket and make a new flight reservation with the updated passenger's name. This blog will help you to understand the policy rules and the process to change names.

Volaris Airlines Name Correction Policy 

Passengers can opt for the Volaris Airlines name correction policy when they enter the wrong name on their ticket at the time of reservation. However, it is important to learn about this policy before correcting your name to avoid any hassle. You must keep in mind the following circumstances whenever you correct your name. 

  • You cannot make a request for a name change on the day of departure.
  • Volaris name modification will not be allowed for other flights in case of interline agreement partners. 
  • The airline allows correction for minor spelling mistakes of up to four characters on the first, middle, or last name.
  • The airlines do not allow you to transfer a ticket to another person as per the Volaris flight name change policy.
  • Passengers can only correct a name on the ticket booked through the official website or customer service of Volaris Airlines.
  • The departure time of your flight must not be within 24 hours of the name change request. 
  • A person with an outbound flight cannot make the process of the name correction on the ticket.

Types of Name Change Allowed by Volaris Airlines

Certain name changes on the ticket are permitted by the Volaris name change rules. The following types of the name change requests may be applicable as per the Volaris policy:

  • In the event of marriage, a passenger can request to change a name on their boarding pass. The airlines will rearrange the ticket for a same/higher-class service after obtaining the request subject to availability. 
  • A traveler can change the name on their ticket for legal reasons. The client must show the essential legal documentation for this. It may include a court order and a new photo identity card with a correct name. 
  • You can correct the four characters from the middle, first, or last name on a boarding pass permitted by Volaris Airlines. 
  • This Volaris flight name modification policy permits to add/delete the wrong Volaris middle and last name on the tickets. 
  • Passengers can also apply to have your name changed when you have two last names.

Note: A passenger may request a name change on their boarding pass in any of these situations. The traveler must check to determine if the reservation's details match those on their passport or other official identification.

How can I change a name on a Volaris ticket?

The Volaris Airlines name correction policy provides a number of ways to change a name on the ticket. Travelers are free to select any option that best meets their needs. The methods listed below can be used by a tourist to correct a name:

  • Visit the official website of Volaris Airlines. 
  • Click on the My Trip tab. 
  • Enter the required information in the provided space. 
  • Choose a flight for which you want to make a name change.
  • Click on the Edit tab and make the desired name changes. 
  • Pay the applicable fee if required. 
  • Send the request for a name change once you make the payment. 
  • The airline will send you a confirmation email about the same.

Volaris Name Change Via Phone Call 

Sitting at home, some travelers wish to make changes. You may use the phone service and follow the instructions to amend the name on a Volaris ticket offline. The customer service line, which is +1866 988-3527, is accessible to travelers. It's the airline's toll-free number. To contact Volaris Airlines, dial this number. 

Volaris Name Change At The Airport  

A passenger with Volaris Airlines can also visit the nearest airport to change the desired name on their ticket under the Volaris Airlines name change policy. You must go to the ticket counter for a name correction on the ticket once you reach the airport. The airport staff will guide you at the name change counter. 

You will meet an agent who will assist you with the name change process. Request them to change your name and share the required documents with them. They will verify your documents and ask you to pay the applicable fee. The airline will send you a confirmation email about the name change once you complete the payment.

The airline representative will ask for a booking code as soon as you are connected. Next, ask for name changes from the representative. The agent will ask you for the reservation details and whether it is possible to make the corrections. You must provide data about your true identity here. The representative will then request payment of any necessary fees. You will get a confirmation email once you make the applicable payment.

Volaris Name Change Due To Marriage or Divorce

Passengers are also able to change a name due to marriage/divorce. However, the airline asks to provide the required documents to do the same. Also, you must show a verified certificate in case of marriage. Volaris Airlines asks you to provide the legal decrees/forms of verification to modify a name due to divorce. 

The airline also allows for the legal name changes. This regulation prohibits name modifications for the passengers associated with any fraud case. In this case, you must have court orders to make the official changes to the name. Similarly, there are various ways to get an order from the court for the same based on the state.

How much does it cost to change a flight ticket name? 

Passengers can change their name within 24 hours for free after book the tickets. Usually, the airline imposes some amount of pay on the passengers who change their name after this time period. The fees charged by the airline are not high. The Volaris name change fee starts from $0 to $400. Similarly, the fee is calculated based on factors such as the location of the travel, the class of the ticket, and other information.

Note: You have the option to modify a name on your ticket until 1:30 hours prior to the take-off with this service.

Tips to Avoid the Volaris Name Change Fees

Here are some useful tips that help you to avoid the chances of paying Volaris misspelled name on the ticket. 

  • It is necessary to carefully mention your name name and other details to make sure the accuracy and chance to avoid the Volaris name change fees when you book your tickets.
  • You must book your flight tickets through the official website of the airline/ contact customer service. 
  • Make sure your name on the flight tickets matches the name on your legal documents. 
  • It is advisable to buy a refundable flight ticket or flexible tickets that offer lenient change policies. 
  • Contact Volaris customer service, as the earlier you address the issues, the better chance you have to minimize the name modification fee. 

Note: Contact the Airlines Ticket Policy customer support helpline For more information on Volaris name change/correction policy at +1 855 VOLARIS (8652747) (toll-free).

Can I transfer my flight to someone Volaris?

The airlines do not permit passengers to transfer a ticket to another person as per the Volaris ticket name policy. However, you must cancel your flight and book a new one with the new name of the passenger. Thus, passengers cannot transfer their tickets to another person. You will be able to modify your name for free when you request a legal name change due to marriage or divorce.

What is the time limit to change a name in Volaris?

Volaris Airlines allows passengers to change the name on the ticket up to four hours before the departure of the flight. You must follow the time deadline when you want to amend your name to avoid any last minure trouble.


Hopefully, all the information on the Volaris Airlines name change policy will help you modify your name on the ticket with ease. You must follow the guidelines to change a name imposed by the airline. It will help you to do the same without any hassle. You can contact our experts for any queries. We are always available to assist you 24/7.

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