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Have you booked your next journey with Delta Airlines? You may wish to carry your favourite things on the flight. However, there are some restrictions on baggage quantity. And therefore, Delta Airlines baggage policy exists. It explains everything on the baggage allowance and the related fee.

Please note that the baggage fee can differ with the fare type, cabin class, flight route, and number of bags.

Further, ensure abiding by the baggage size and weight requirements on Delta. This blog will cover every detail on Delta baggage allowance. 

What is Delta Policy for Baggage?

Delta Airlines allows you to travel with your luggage. But, there is a restriction on that. To understand that, you need to go through the Delta baggage requirements below:

  • Delta Comfort+ and Main Cabin passengers need to pay a baggage fee for domestic flights inside the U.S.
  • You can skip the first checked bag charges in the following circumstances:
  • When carrying a Delta SkyMiles American Express Card
  • While travelling with Medallion Status and 
  • You are an active military personnel 
  • The airline permits baggage weight of 50 lbs for first / second-checked baggage. 
  • Delta baggage size limits are (27" x 21" x 14") or (69x53x36) cm.
  • The airline allows you two standard checked baggage.
  • You can add up to ten bags for an additional fee.
  • 1 carry-on bag and 1 personal item can be taken to the cabin for free.
  • The carry-on bag must fit in the overhead bin. 
  • Delta has different baggage rules for passengers travelling with an infant or a pet. 
  • Hence, read out the detailed carry-on baggage requirements from here.
  • Checked baggage allowance differs with the fare class and flight route.

Note: The above rules are a brief of the Delta Airlines baggage policy. You can get the full information on the Delta website.

How Much Baggage Can I Carry for No Cost on Delta?

One carry-on bag and a personal item can be carried at no cost on all Delta flights. However, size limitations do apply.

You may need to pay a fee depending on the ticket terms when you purchase a flight operated by non-Delta carriers. Therefore, contact the carrier to learn more about the Delta carry on size, weight, and fee requirements. 

Note: Carry-on baggage allowance can differ with the country and currency. Also, it is non refundable and non transferable.

Can I Check-in 2 Bags with Delta?

Yes. You can check in two standard-size bags with Delta. However, you should consider some important requirements: 

First Baggage

Delta checked baggage size for the 1st bag is 62 inches, with weight restricted to 50 lbs. A baggage fee of $35 applies each way.

Second Baggage 

For a second standard size(62 inches) checked bag of up to 50 lbs, you need to pay $45 each way. 
Therefore , you can easily choose the number of bags and can pay using miles. Visit the Delta website, an airport kiosk, or access Delta App before online check-in opens to add bags. 

Note: Apart from 2 standard checked bags, the airline lets you add up to 10 bags for an additional fee. However, the fee can differ with the country and carrier type.

How Much Luggage Can I Bring on a Delta Flight?

Delta Airlines permits passengers 1 carry-on bag and a personal item at no charge. Personal items include a purse, laptop, or any other item of size that can fit under the seat. 

For storing luggage in the overhead bin, the allowed size requirements are - (22 x 14 x 9) inches or (56 x 35 x 23) cm. 

The above limit does not apply to passengers travelling with an infant or a pet, as they can carry more for free. It includes the following:

  • A jacket 
  • An umbrella
  • Food and beverages bought before security check
  • Duty-free goods
  • Special items include:
  • Strollers
  • Wheelchairs
  • Child safety seats
  • Assistive devices, etc. 

Note: The above guidelines can change if you have booked your flight with Delta SkyTeam and codeshare partners. Don’t forget to read the TSA rules for hazardous items before reserving a Delta flight.

What are the Limitations with Size on Carry-On Baggage at Delta?

Delta’s size requirements apply irrespective of the type of bag you carry, which are:

  • Carry-on bag should fit in the overhead bin.
  • The bag can fit under the seat. 
  • Bags’ dimensions must not exceed 45 inches (22 x 14 x 9) inch or (56 x 35 x 23) cm.

Note: The above measurement applies on handles and wheels too. It does not apply on small musical instruments that can fit in the overhead bin and underneath a seat.

Bringing a Duty-Free Item

You can carry-on duty-free items packed by sellers in a seal packed bag. Only a few countries allow this. Other countries may or may not allow you to keep the item in your checked baggage.

Further, airport authorities can confiscate the item. Therefore, check the TSA guidelines in advance.

How Much is the Cost for Checked Bags at Delta Airlines?

As per Delta Airlines baggage policy, a fee of $35 for the first checked bag and $45 for the second checked bag is applicable. Add up to 10 extra bags by paying an additional fee. 

Checked baggage limit for Delta Connection carrier flights is 4. However, the fee may change according to the location, size, and weight of additional bags.

Note: To check out the detailed fee for excess baggage on Delta Airlines, you can click here.

Delta Charge for International Basic Economy Baggage Fee 

It largely depends on the destination you are flying to. For Example, 
If you fly to a European country on basic economy, then you pay: 

$75 for 1st checked baggage and 
$100 for second checked baggage

However, flying to South America on Basic Economy may require paying the following baggage costs:

$70 for first checked baggage 
$100 for second checked baggage

Besides that, flights to countries like Australia, Africa and the Middle East do not charge for first checked baggage. But, you need to pay $100 for the second baggage. 

You can bring one carry-on bag for free on all international flights with Basic Economy.


Consider the above baggage requirements before travelling with Delta. Go through the Delta Airlines baggage policy above, and avoid the inconvenience at the airport. If you still need clarification on Delta Airlines baggage rules, connect with its representative, or call us at +1-860-516-6375.

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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

How to avoid Delta baggage fees?

You can avoid the Delta baggage fee in the following circumstances: - Book a premium cabin - Get Delta Medallion Status - Active military personnel - Get an eligible Delta credit card

How many kgs of baggage is allowed on Delta Airlines?

Delta Airlines allow a maximum of 50 lbs, which is 23 kgs for each checked bag.

Is Delta strict with carry-on weight?

Delta Airlines usually does not mention a limit on carry-on weight for domestic flights. However, it can change for international flight routes and Delta partners. Therefore, check your ticket terms properly.

How many checked bags can you bring on a Delta Connection carrier flight?

You can carry up to 4 checked bags on Delta connection flights.

What baggage fee will Delta apply on an International passenger flight if it has connections or stopovers within the U.S?

Delta will apply baggage fee in accordance with international baggage fee rules, if all flights fall within a single itinerary and have connections and stopovers within the U.S. For a passenger travelling to U.S and completing its further journey in the U.S, domestic fee and rules will apply.
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