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Sometimes it happens that we make plans and sudden situations force us to make changes to them. If you are struggling with the same situation, then American Airlines change flight policy is a great help for you. It gives you flexibility to make changes to your flight with or without paying the fee depending on the airline rules.

American Airlines kept the process simple thereby enabling the passengers to get a ticket in standby or same day flight. However, you must have different questions related to fees, and change flight process. Therefore, go through the article below to get answers to all your questions.

Can I Change My American Airlines Flight?

Yes. You can change your flight with American Airlines. However, first, you need to comply with the airline rules for your particular ticket type. Accordingly, American Airlines can ask for a fee that differs with various factors such as 

Type of ticket and 

Timing of change

American Airlines Flight Change Policy

American Airlines gives its passengers flexibility to make modifications to their flight booking. But, before that, they need to check the airline rules for the ticket type you have purchased. Therefore, check out the information below if you want to learn about them:

  • American Airlines has removed the change flight fee on Premium Economy, Business, First and Main cabin tickets. It is valid for all domestic and international flights.
  • However, Basic economy ticket holders can only make the changes or cancellation inside 24 hours from ticket reservation. Also, there should be 2 days in departure. Beyond that time, the airline neither accepts the change nor provides refunds.
  • Moreover, passengers need to pay for the fare difference if any. 
  • For trips starting in Europe, except in some countries, you can change your basic economy ticket by paying a fee.
  • Passengers can only make the changes for tickets reserved on American Airlines website.
  • For tickets reserved through a travel agency, passengers should contact them for changes.
  • Similarly, passengers can make a confirmed change on an available flight by paying a fee.
  • Further, American Airlines may allow you to travel on a standby flight without charges.
  • The airline does not charge when flight change reason is bad weather, schedule change, or flight disruption.
  • From 1 March 2024, the airline made it compulsory for passengers to be an AAdvantage member in order to get on the standby flight. 
  • Note: For detailed information, you should visit the American Airlines website.

How to Change Your American Airlines Flight?

American Airlines provides various options to make changes to the flight. Therefore, you can choose any of them as per your convenience:

American Airlines Website or Mobile App

  • Visit American Airlines website .
  • Go to “ My Trips” to search the bookings.
  • Select a trip that you want to change.
  • Click on “ Change Flight” option.
  • Further, select departure, arrival, travel date, etc.
  • Click on “ Search Flight” button.
  • Then, pick a new flight.
  • Make payment for the fare difference and change the flight fee, if any.
  • The airline will send the updated flight ticket to your email.

Through Phone Call

If you are unable to make changes to your flight online, then contact its representative directly. Follow the step by step process below:

  • Dial American Airlines phone number at 1 (800) 433-7300.
  • Follow the IVR process.
  • Choose the prompt as per your query.
  • Then, connect to an agent.
  • Request the person for changing the flight.
  • Then, the representative will help you in the change process.
  • Finally, provide the payment details if applicable.

At the Airport

Last but not least, you can also complete the change flight process at the airport. If you want to know how, then provide the following steps:

  • Go to the American Airlines help desk.
  • Request the representative to make any modifications to flight.
  • The person will share the airlines rules with you.
  • Further, the person will show you the available option.
  • Choose an option that matches your schedule.
  • Then, make the payment for fare difference and other charges if any applicable.

How Much Does it Cost to Change a Flight on American Airlines?

American Airlines can ask for a flight change fee based on its rules. The airline has removed the charges for most of its fare types. Therefore, it is important to know American Airlines change flight fee before you proceed further.

Basic Economy Tickets

  • American Airlines does not charge a fee if you make the changes in 24 hours of reservation and 2 days before departure.
  • After 24 hours of reservation, the airline does not change unless you do not have a travel waiver.
  • Same day confirmed flight change is available for a fee between $60 and $150 based on flight route. The charges depends on the flight route. For stand by, airline does not charge anything.

Main Cabin /Premium Economy/ Business / First-Class Tickets

  • American Airlines does not ask for a change fee on these classes on American Airlines operated flights.
  • However, you may need to pay for the fare difference.
  • Further, American Airlines allows same day or standby flight change for a fee starting from $60. However, the flight origin, destination and stops should be the same.

Award Tickets:

  • American Airlines does not ask for a change fee on qualifying award tickets for flights operated by American Airlines. However, the airline can ask for a fare difference. 
  • Therefore, you can change your award ticket by visiting aa.com.
  • Airline returns the points back if the new fare is less.

What if American Airlines Changes the Flight Schedule?

As per US DOT, if American Airlines makes significant schedule change, then passenger can get the full refund. However, first, you should understand the meaning of significant. It means that passenger will get the full refund only in the following situation.

  • Flight changed to a timing minimum four hours after actual timing
  • Similarly flight departure time is within72 hours and changed to a timing later than 90 minutes.
  • If the schedule change falls inside 60 minutes or less, the airline will provide booking in the same day flight. If it was the last flight, then in the first flight the next day depending on the availability.
  • Further, the airline can shift the flight timing upto 14 days prior to departure for safety reasons.

Therefore, passengers can opt for any of the following options:

  • They can accept the changed flight schedule or 
  • Select a flight that matches their schedule or
  • If nothing works for them, they can ask for a refund for the unused ticket.

Does American Airlines Allow Free Flight Changes?

Yes. American Airlines provides free flight change in some circumstances. Therefore, it is important to know about them if you want to avoid the charges. Below points will help you learn about them:

  • American Airlines does not charge a fee when you purchase a Main Cabin, First, Business Class, or Premium economy ticket on all domestic and international flights.
  • Similarly, the airline will demand a fee for changing Basic Economy tickets in 24 hours of reservation and 2 days before departure.
  • If American Airlines changes the flight schedule, then it waives the change fee, and the airline will provide a booking for the next flight.
  • Further, the airline can also waive the fee in events like bad weather, flight disruption, etc.
  • In situations like military orders and medical emergencies, the airline can waive the charges.
  • Similarly, AAdvantage members can skip the flight change charges.


Hopefully, the above information on American Airlines change flight rules has helped you to learn about the possible options. Thus, you can easily make modifications to your flight by paying or without paying the fee. Therefore, clearly understand the above rules, process, and fees for better clarification. Lastly, contact the airline representative if you require more assistance related to flight change.

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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

What is flight change on American Airlines?

Changing flight on American Airlines means a passenger can change its present flight to another flight. It includes modification to departure/arrival times, flight date and routes.

Does American Airlines allow changes on Basic Economy ticket?

Basic Economy tickets are generally non changeable on AA. However, airline may allow the changes if you make them in 24 hours of reservation and two days before flight.

Is there any charge for same day flight change on American Airlines?

Yes. American Airlines can charge a fee between $60 and $150 based on flight routes.

Do Elite status members on American Airlines need to pay the change fee?

No, American Airlines does not ask a fee from Elite status members on American operated flights. However, they may need to pay the fare difference.
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