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Do you want to select a seat on Qatar Airways? Then, you will be happy to hear that whether you are searching for extra legroom, workspace on-board, window seat, or empty seat, Qatar Airways always covers you. With Qatar Airways seat selection process, you can pick your favorite seat in some easy steps on the airline website or mobile application. 

The airline gives you numerous seating options to pick from. Each of them provides unique features and comes with its own conditions. Therefore, it is important to know those conditions in advance. The article below will help you learn everything about deciding a seat on Qatar Airways.

Can I Select a Seat on Qatar Airways?

Yes. You can Select a seat on Qatar Airways. But, before that, you should consider the following points: 

  • Qatar Airways charges a seat selection fee per flight.
  • The seat you buy is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • You will get a refund if the airline changes your seat for security and operational reasons.
  • The airline allows you to change a seat on the same flight or on the same route.
  • Similarly, Qatar Airways does not allow refunds on seat selection in the following situations:
  • When you upgrade to a higher cabin by yourself or by airline
  • If you switch to a low-value seat from a high-priced seat.
  • When you join airline Privilege Club or Oneworld membership after picking the seat
  • Airlines switch you to the same feature seat.
  • Qatar Airways allows you to choose your seat for free while traveling with infant(s).
  • The airline does not assure an infant bassinet with bassinet seats.
  • Similarly, Qatar Airways may not allow you to sit on the emergency exit rows for security reasons. 

Note: Please check out the detailed policy to choose a seat on Qatar Airways website.

Choose a Seat on Qatar Airways - Seating Options

Qatar Airways provides you a number of options when you need to pick a seat. Therefore, choose any of them using Qatar Airways seat map as per your convenience and budget. 

Standard Seat:

  • The standard seat is free for almost all fare types.
  • It does not include the emergency exit and front-row seats.
  • From the very moment you book Economy Comfort or Economy Convenience, you can pick a standard seat.
  • However, you may need to pay a fee when you purchase an Economy Classic ticket.

Preferred Seat:

  • Find these seats before the Economy Class or on the upper floor on some flights. 

  • Get extra leg space and comfortable seats
  • The position of the seat can differ with the flight type.
  • Business Elite or Business Comfort passengers can choose a preferred seat during booking.
  • However, Business Classic or Business Lite passengers should pay the fee for a preferred seat. 

Extra Legroom Seat:

  • Extra Legroom seat is an ideal option for passengers who look for comfort.

  • Check the seat map for the seat availability on your chosen flight. 
  • You can find these seats near the exit rows or on the upper floor.
  • Bulkhead seats on planes

Economy Reserve Seat:

  • Economy Reserve lets you book an adjacent seat and get a more comfortable seating space.
  • It is the best option when you need to stretch out travelling with your family, or want to create a workspace. 
  • Request for Economy Reserve by visiting the airport check-in help desk.

How do I Select My Seat on Qatar Airways?

Qatar Airways allows you to choose a seat through its website or by calling its representative. Accordingly, you can pick a desired seat during booking, after booking or at the time of check-in. Follow the below steps for guided instructions.

Qatar Airways Seat Selection Online 

  • Visit Qatar Airways website.
  • Go to “Manage Booking” Page.
  • Enter the Booking reference or e-ticket number.
  • Then, provide the last name.
  • Click on “Find Booking” button.
  • Choose the flight for which you need seat selection.
  • Search for “Choose a Seat” option.
  • A seat map will appear.
  • Pick your favorite seat and make the payment, if any.
  • Finally, get the confirmation from the airline by email. 

Contact a Qatar Airways representative if you are unable to select the seat online. Dial the agent number +1-860-516-6375 or +1 833 607 2675. Follow the IVR instructions and choose the key accordingly. A live agent will take your call and help you pick a seat. 

Note: Qatar Airways allows to pick a seat during check-in. However, chances that you will get your desired seat becomes less.

How Much Does Qatar Airways Charge for Seat Selection?

Qatar Airways charges for a seat depending on the cabin and fare type. However, you can save a lot by paying in a combination of Cash and Avios. Check below table for Qatar Airways seat selection price rules.

Cabin Type

Fare Type

Seat Type

Price per seat 




Comfort plus

83$ to 250$

Economy convenience or classic or lite


Economy Lite

Extra Leg space

39$ to 170$

Preferred seat

17$ to 143$

Standard seat 

9$ to 48$




Economy reserve 

55$ to 165$

Business Classic


Business Lite

Preferred business seat

28$ to 143$

33$ to 143$

  • The above charges are applicable to each passenger 
  • Passengers can choose a standard for free on Economy cabins. However, the preferred seat is free in Business cabin during check-in. 
  • Qatar Airways allows seat selection on certain fare types only in Economy and Business cabin class. 
  • Similarly, Platinum and Gold Privilege Club Members and the passengers in the same reservation can select seats for free. 
  • Passengers traveling with an infant can select a seat free of cost.
  • Flight distance can affect the seat selection fee.


Qatar always tries to provide its passengers with a comfortable seat. Therefore, with Qatar Airways seat selection, you can pick a preferred seat with or without paying a fee. The above information will help you if you are unable to select a seat. Contact an agent in case you still have any doubts regarding picking a seat.

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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Is Qatar seat selection free?

Qatar Airways provides standard seats for free on all fare types. Get a seat for free with Economy Comfort and Economy Convenience during reservation. But you may need to pay a fee for Economy Classic.

Does Qatar seat passengers together?

Qatar Airways does its best to make you sit together when you book a ticket as a family. However, there is no guarantee of that.

What is a comfort seat on Qatar Airways?

Preferred seats and Extra legspace are the comfort seats in Economy cabin class.

Does Qatar charge for seat selection in Business Class?

Qatar Airways does not charge a fee for Business Elite Class. But you may need to pay for Business Classic.

Can I choose my seat on Qatar Economy?

Yes. You can select a standard seat for free on Economy Comfort and Economy Convenience. But, for Economy Classic you can select a seat only by paying a fee.
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