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You were all set for your journey and missed your flight at the last moment. It may be the last thing you wanted to listen to while being excited for the journey. You must be wondering what next? Consider yourself lucky if you have booked your flight with Spirit Airlines. An understanding of  Spirit Airlines missed flight rules will help you find an alternative in this situation. 

Until you are not a no-show, Spirit Airlines won’t leave you alone. It provides you the option to get on another flight or receive a refund. However, all missed flight situations are not eligible for refund. You must fulfil some conditions to secure a repayment.

So, if you want to learn more on missed flight circumstances with Spirit Airlines, below information will help you.

What Happens If I Miss a Spirit Flight?

Are you stressing over what if you miss your Spirit Airlines flight? Then you should check out the below information:

  • First, you should inform the Spirit Airlines representative that you are unable to catch your flight.  
  • You can get to the airport within 2 hours of flight departure and get yourself rebooked on another flight. 
  • Similarly, you can choose to cancel your ticket to prevent complete forfeiture of your ticket amount. 
  • One must have a satisfactory reason for missing a flight. 
  • If you fail to catch your connecting flight, then reach out to an airline agent.
  • The agent will help you get a place on another flight for the same destination on the same route. 
  • However, you may need to pay a rebooking fee of 200$.

What is Spirit Airlines Policy on Missed Flight?

Spirit Airlines has a robust policy in place when travellers miss a flight. You can miss a flight for a number of reasons. Therefore, the flight miss rules can assist you in reaching your destination on time. Go through the points below. 

  • Spirit Airlines does not provide a refund for missed flights except in some situations.
  • You will get the refund as travel credit when you miss a regular flight.
  • Similarly, the airline will see you as a no-show when you neither reach the airport nor report the airline.
  • The airline includes your name for a standby flight only when you reach the airport within 2-hour of departure. 
  • If Spirit makes you miss a flight, then it will provide you with a seat on another flight.
  • The airline also offers you compensation when bad weather is the reason for a missed flight.
  • For multiple flight segments, you will get flight credit for the unutilized ticket.

How to Rebook a Flight on Spirit Airlines?

You can rebook a ticket on Spirit Airlines by its website or by calling its agent. Simply follow the below steps:

Rebook Via Spirit Airlines Website

  • Visit Spirit Airlines website
  • Then, look for the “My Trips” option. 
  • Enter the login details, like the booking code and last name. 
  • Select a flight for which you need to rebook. 
  • Click on “Rebook Flight” tab.
  • Provide the requested information
  • Follow the guided process
  • Pay for the rebooking fee or the fare difference, if any
  • Click on the “Confirmation” tab.

Rebook Via Calling Spirit Airlines Agent

You can also call Spirit Airlines missed flight phone number 1-860-516-6375 or 844-989-7283 and talk to an agent. The person will hear your concern and rebook you on the next available flight.  Provide the card details to make the payment for the rebooking fee. Finally, you will receive an update from the airline.

Does Spirit Airlines Refund for Missed Flight?

Yes. Spirit Airlines does provide a refund when you fail to catch the flight. But, it is not possible in every situation. To get the refund, you must consider the Spirit Airlines refund policy for missed flights.

  • Spirit Airlines does not return a single penny when you are a no-show.
  • You can expect a refund when you are a frequent flyer or has premium membership. 
  • The airline does not compensate for nonrefundable tickets.
  • One can request a refund when a death in the family occurs or a serious illness emerges. 
  • However, you need to submit the supporting documents with that. 
  • The airline provides a credit voucher for a refund when you miss a regular flight.

What is the Missed Flight Fee for Spirit Airlines?

You have to pay Spirit Airlines missed flight fee when you fail to catch the flight and want to book a new one. But the question is how much the airline charges in that circumstance. The answer is 200$. You need to pay this amount when you fail to reach the airport before flight departure. Also, you  want a place in a flight for the same destination on the same route. 

What Should I Do If I Miss a Connecting Flight due to Spirit Flight Delay?

Spirit Airlines will help you in every possible way when you miss your connecting flight because of Spirit flight delay. The first thing it does is, rebooking you on another flight at no cost. 

Mostly, the rebooking process is completely automated and the airline sends you a text message, or it notifies you via mobile app. Also, Spirit Airlines provide you compensation when you do not like the new flight. 


Spirit Airlines makes its best efforts to help you reach your destination when you miss a flight. It provides you the option to get a booking on a new flight. Take advantage of the above Spirit Airlines missed flight policy to find a suitable one for you. Contact Spirit Airlines representatives if you need any assistance during a missed flight situation.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Does Spirit Airlines have a no-show policy?

Yes. As per no-show policy, Spirit Airlines will not provide the refund if you fail to reach the airport or inform the airline about the missed flight.

Does Spirit Airlines give credits if you miss your flight?

Yes. Spirit Airlines gives credit when you miss a flight scheduled on a regular basis.

What do you do if you know you will miss a Spirit flight?

You should immediately call the Spirit Airlines phone number(844-989-7283) to explain the situation. The agent will provide the solution if it satisfies your reasons.

Is there a charge for missing a Spirit flight?

Yes. You need to pay 200$ as a missed flight fee. However, you can skip this charge in some circumstances.

Does Spirit rebook missed flights for free?

Spirit Airlines does not provide a guarantee to rebook for free. However, you may expect it when airline mistakes cause you to miss the flight.

What if I miss my connecting flight on Spirit?

If you miss the connecting flight because of a Spirit mistake, then you will get the rebooking on another flight or compensation from the airline.

Does Spirit refund missed flights?

You only get the refund when you are a frequent flyer with Spirit. The airline also provides a refund when the death of a relative or accident causes you to miss the flight. You may also need to submit the proof for that.

When can I avoid the missed flight fee on Spirit Airlines?

You can skip the Spirit Airlines flight miss charges in case of a medical emergency and in bad weather conditions. Also, you do not need to pay it if you are a frequent flyer and have premium membership.
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