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Have you booked your tickets with Breeze Airways, but worried about entering the wrong name? You can stop worrying. With Breeze Airways name change policy, you can correct your name easily. As per law, it is mandatory to match your name on government ID with what is mentioned on the flight ticket.

Even a minor mistake and airline agent can stop you from boarding the flight! But, you can easily come out of the situation when you have the right knowledge. You need to modify your name for different reasons: spelling mistakes, marriage, divorce, legal name change, etc.

Breeze Airways gives you the freedom to correct names. But to achieve the same, you must understand the vital policies and processes pertaining to the topic. The article below will provide you all the information needed to rectify a name on a Breeze Airways ticket.

Name Change Policy on Breeze Airways 

Name correction can be a tricky process if you do not understand the Breeze Airways policies.  You must understand the following conditions before changing name on the ticket:

  • The name on your flight ticket must match with your government ID, like a passport.
  • You can not transfer your ticket in another passenger’s name. 
  • Rather, you have to cancel the ticket and rebook it for a new guest. The airline will not charge a cancellation fee for that. However, it can ask for the fare difference. 
  • Breeze Airways allows only that passenger to board the flight whose name is mentioned on the ticket. 
  • You should contact Breeze Airways guest empowerment team for a legal name change or spelling correction. 
  • The airline can ask for necessary documents like divorce statement or marriage certificate to complete the name correction process.

How Can I Change My Name on the Breeze Airways Ticket?

Breeze Airways gives you many ways to change your name on flight tickets. You can select from online and offline ways to select from. Therefore, you can correct your name through Breeze Airways website, app or calling its agent. Check out the steps below for guided instructions. 

Through Website

  • Visit Breeze Airlines official website or app
  • Enter the PNR number and passenger last name.
  • Go to the "My Trips" section.
  • Select a flight for which you need a name change.
  • Look for "Change your Name" option
  • Enter the correct name
  • Upload the supporting documents
  • Finally, click on "Submit" to save the changes.
  • The airline will share the changes through email.

Through Calling an Agent 

You can also reach out to Breeze Airways phone number 1-860-516-6375 and talk to an agent. He will help you with the name correction process and may take a service charge. Provide him with the necessary information and get an updated ticket by email. 

When Can You Change Name on Breeze Airways?

Breeze Airways  allows you to change name in some situations until the guest is the same. To learn about those situations check out the points below. 

When You Commit A Spelling Mistake

Breeze Airways lets you make modifications to your name when you commit a spelling mistake. It can happen in first, middle and last names. Therefore, inform the airline as soon as you notice the mistake. You can board the flight if it does not match your government ID. 

When You Changed Name Legally

Breeze Airways allows you to change your name if you have undergone the legal name change process after booking the ticket. It may ask you to submit the necessary documents. The airport authority will conduct a document review and will provide you with the rectified ticket. 

In case of Marriage or Divorce

Marriage and divorce are situations that may require you to correct the name on the flight ticket. You can easily do it by submitting the marriage certificate or divorce statement. Once the airline is satisfied with your documents, it will provide you a ticket with an updated name.

How Much Does it Cost to Correct a Name on Breeze Airways?

Breeze Airways keeps its customers on top. Therefore, it does not charge for every single mistake made by its passengers. As a result of this, you do not need to pay a Breeze Airways name change fee as long as you are not transferring your ticket. However, you may need to pay the fare difference, if any, between the previous and new ticket. 

Whether you want to correct the spelling or want to add or remove surnames, you can do it for free. The airline does its best to reduce the financial burden on its passengers. 

How to Avoid the Breeze Airways Name Correction Process?

Breeze Airways made the name correction process transparent and easy. But, it will waste your time. Therefore, you can use the below tips to save your time involved in the name change process. 

  • Book your tickets yourself, as it reduces the chance of entering incorrect information. 
  • Make sure that you provide the name on your government ID while booking the flight ticket. 
  • Check the information twice to prevent typing arrears
  • Go through the confirmation email from the airline. It will help you recognize the error as soon as possible.


You can easily perform the Breeze Airways name change procedure by following the above information. It requires you to keep the Breeze policies in mind and proceed accordingly. The airline does not ask for a fee, but can ask for the fare difference. For more clarity on the same, connect with a Breeze Airways representative.

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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Can I change my name on a Breeze flight I booked?

Yes. You can make minor changes but can not transfer your ticket to another passenger. Contact the Breeze Airways agent or visit its website to make the modification after submitting the documents.

Does Breeze Airways charge for name changes?

No. Breeze Airways has no fee for name correction. But, you may need to pay the fare difference between previous and new tickets.

What happens if my name changes after booking a flight?

If your name changes after booking the flight, then you should provide the supporting documents. The airline will check the documents and update your name on the flight ticket.

What if my name doesn't match on my Breeze plane ticket?

You have to correct your name on the ticket if it does not match your ID. Breeze Airways does it for free till 15 minutes prior to departure.

How do I talk to a live person at Breeze Airways for name correction?

You can contact at toll free number 1-860-516-6375 for name change, and can talk to a live agent. Share your concern for name correction with the person and get the immediate help.
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