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Cancelling a flight is the last thing a passenger looks for. But, if there is no alternative left, but to cancel, you may need to forcibly do it. And that’s where airlines’ cancellation policy comes into play. The same applies with Southwest, and you need to abide by the southwest airlines cancellation policy, in case, cancellation is inevitable. Eventually, it will help in securing your ticket value.

The big advantage of being aware of airlines’ terms and conditions, is that you can skip the cancellation fee in most of the cases.

Therefore, the article below will help you with cancellation terms, fees, and the related processes.

Southwest Airlines Flight Cancellation Terms & Conditions

Sudden circumstances can develop anytime. It may require you to cancel your ticket. However, the process can be hectic. Making best use of southwest flight cancellation policy is highly recommended.

  • Cancel in 24 hours of booking to avoid a fee.
  • Crossing the 24-hour window will incur a cancellation fee.
  • The said fee differs with the fare type and cancellation timing. 
  • No refund is granted when you cancel a ‘Wanna Get Away’ fare. Instead, you get flight credits.
  • The airline credits a full refund for cancelling Anytime and Business Select fare types.
  • Get a refund or convert the cancellation amount into flight credits with Southwest. 
  • Flight credits last up to one year from the date of issuance.
  • No refund is provided when you cancel in the last 10 minutes to flight departure.
  • Flight credits reflect in your ‘rewards account’.
  • A refund, or rebooking on the next available flight will be provided when the airline cancels.

Southwest Airlines 24-Hour Cancellation Policy

You must consider it when you cancel a Southwest flight. It can save you from paying a cancellation fee. Further, you can enjoy a full refund on tickets. According to the policy, Southwest does not demand a fee when you cancel the ticket in twenty-four hours of making the reservation. 

However, cancelling flights in twenty four hours is not enough to skip the charges. You must complete the cancellation at least seven days prior to departure.

Does Southwest Charge a Fee for Flight Ticket Cancellations?

No. Southwest Airlines does not ask for a fee. However, two scenarios develop in this situation:

When you cancel a ticket in 24 hours of booking:

There is no need to pay southwest airlines cancellation fee. Therefore, Southwest Airlines gives you two options for the refund:

  • Either take the refund amount to original source of payment or 
  • Convert them into flight credit for future travel

Note: The first option is unavailable for ‘Wanna Get Away’ fares.

When you cancel post 24 hours of booking but 10 minutes before flight takeoff

  • Southwest does not charge a cancellation fee in the said scenario. However, you get the refund as ‘flight credits’ or ‘transferable flight credit’.
  • When you cancel within 10 minutes of flight departure, Southwest keeps the entire ticket amount.
  • No cancellation fee applies till ten minutes to flight takeoff.

Can I Get a Refund against Cancellation of a Southwest Flight?

Yes. You can cancel a Southwest ticket for a refund. However, first you need to consider Southwest Airlines Refund Policy. 

  • Southwest Airlines lets you cancel tickets for a full refund. 
  • However, first you have to revoke your ticket ten minutes prior to flight departure. 
  • Further, you can receive the refund in the original source of payment when you cancel the ticket within twenty four hours of flight booking. 
  • Also, you can use the option to convert the refund in flight credit or transferable flight credit. 
  • Similarly, fare types such as Wanna Get Away, Anytime, and Business Select affect the refund process.
  • For Wanna Get Away Fares, the airline only provides reusable flight credit.
  • For Anytime or Business Select, refund is credited to the original mode of payment.

Requesting a Refund from Southwest for a Cancelled Flight

Refund processing for a cancelled flight at Southwest depends on the fare type. Note that each seating class has unique terms and conditions attached to it, pertaining to ticket reimbursement.

Read the ticket terms carefully to assess your eligibility for refund. Listed below are two methods to request a refund at Southwest.

Method 1: Through Southwest Website

  • Visit Southwest Airlines website or mobile application.
  • Enter your login details.
  • Then, go to “Manage my Bookings”
  • Click on “cancel your flight” 
  • Choose how you want the refund.
  • Click on “want to original source” or “want in travel credit”
  • Complete the refund request process and 
  • Get your money back as soon as possible. 

Method 2: By Calling Southwest Airlines Representative

The other way to request a refund on Southwest is calling its representative. Dial 1-860-516-6375 or 800-435-9792 and follow the guided IVR process. Choose the prompts as per the IVR instructions. Lastly, share your concern with the agent. The person will help you get your money back in the least time possible.

How to Cancel a Southwest Flight?

You can easily revoke a flight by visiting the Southwest official website. Therefore, follow the simple steps below when you want to cancel your ticket:

  • Visit the Southwest website
  • Then, enter the login details such as confirmation number and last name.
  • Further, look for “Manage Reservation” option. 
  • Select a reservation that you wish to cancel.
  • Click on the “Cancel Flight” option.
  • Further, you will receive a confirmation email from the airline. 

Still need help with the Southwest Airlines flight ticket cancellation? Contact its representatives (1-860-516-6375 or 1-800-435-9792) and get guidance.

When Can You Cancel Southwest Flights?

You can cancel a Southwest flight anytime ten minutes prior to flight time. However, you can still cancel it when less than 10 minutes remain in departure. But the airline does not give you the refund in that situation.

Does Southwest Reimburse for Cancelled Flights?

Yes. Southwest Airlines reimburse when you cancel your flight at least 14 days prior to departure. You will get the repayment for your ticket value or for any other baggage fees (if paid in advance). 

  • Southwest Airlines will compensate even for the non refundable tickets if it cancels your ticket.
  • You get the option to choose the refund method from among - reimbursement to the original source of payment, or refund as ‘flight credits’.
  • If you still need assistance, get in touch with a Southwest live agent.

Why are Southwest Flights Cancelled?

Southwest flights can be cancelled for various reasons including controllable and uncontrollable circumstances. Some of them are: 

Controllable Circumstances

Mechanical Issues: It can be a possible reason behind Southwest cancelling your flight. The airline tries to fix mechanical issues that may take more time. It can result in flight delay and cancellation.  

Aircraft Maintenance: The aircraft requires maintenance on a timely basis. Therefore, the airline can cancel the flight if it takes much time. 

Fuel Loading and Cabin Cleaning: Southwest Airlines can cancel your flight if any discrepancy occurs in cabin cleaning and fuel loading. 

Lack of Workforce: Southwest has minimum workforce requirements on board. If it does not complete, then the airline can cancel the flight. 

Uncontrollable Circumstances

Bad Weather: The airline can not control the bad weather either in the departure destination or in the arrival destination. Therefore, it can result in flight cancellation. 

Air Traffic: High air traffic can also be a reason behind the Southwest flight cancellation. The airline can do it for the safety of the passengers. 

Political Unrest: Southwest Airlines can also revoke a flight because of political unrest in the country or in a particular destination. 

Natural Calamity: The airline can not control the natural calamities. Therefore, it may happen sometime that Southwest cancels your flight. 


The above information on Southwest Airlines cancellation policy will help you in easy cancellation. Learn about the ideal time to revoke your flight. That way, you can skip the cancellation charges. Further, complete the easy cancellation process on the airline website. You can also contact a Southwest representative for more queries on the subject.

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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

How long from the departure time can I cancel a Southwest flight?

You can cancel a Southwest flight till ten minutes remain in the flight departure. Further, the airline will not demand a fee for that.

Is there a 24-hour cancellation policy at Southwest Airlines?

Yes. Southwest provides a twenty-four hour cancellation policy. Therefore, you can cancel a ticket without penalty till twenty four hours after the reservation. But, make sure, seven days must remain in flight departure.

How to contact a live person at Southwest Airlines?

You dial 1-800-435-9792 to contact a Southwest representative. Further, live chat, email, and social media options too, are available.

Can I get a refund for cancelling a Southwest flight?

Yes. You can cancel for a full refund till 10 minutes prior to flight departure. However, when cancelling within 24 hours post ticket reservation, you get 2 options - a refund in the original payment source or flight credits.

Does Southwest Airlines ask for a cancellation fee?

No. Southwest Airlines does not ask for a cancellation charge. However, the refund type can change with fare types like Wanna Get Away, Anytime, Business Select etc.

How are the cancellation charges on Southwest Airlines?

Southwest does not charge a fee for flight cancellation. However, it keeps the entire amount of your ticket if you cancel within 10 minutes of flight departure.

Can I cancel a Southwest flight for free?

Yes, you can cancel your Southwest flight for free till 10 minutes before the flight takes off.

Is flight change on Southwest airlines free of cost?

Yes. You can make changes to your Southwest ticket for no fee. However, you have to pay for the fare difference if any.
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