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Looking to book flight tickets for the most awaited journey? You must be searching for the best flight deals but not getting them. In that case, Southwest Airlines low fare calendar works like a treasure hunt for you. It helps you find the cheapest day to book flight tickets with Southwest. 

Suppose you have to book tickets to Hawaii, then you can use the Southwest calendar to fetch the latest flight deals. You will save a lot on your flight tickets and can spend on other crucial parts of the journey.

However, you must be wondering how can I use the low-fare calendar to grab the best deals. Then, this blog is for you. It will let you know everything you should learn about the low-price calendar.

What is the Low Fare Finder Tool with Southwest Airlines?

Low fare calendar is a tool to search for the day with the cheapest fare. You can search it for a week or month for any trip type(One-way, round trip, and multi-city). It will show you results in Rapid Rewards or dollars. 

You can find this calendar on Southwest website or on its mobile application. With its useful application, you can even track your flight booking status, check-in status etc. 
Furthermore, Southwest calendar is the only way to get the best deals from the airline. You can not find its fares on OTAs platforms such as Priceline, Expedia, Google Flights etc.

What Days Are Southwest Tickets Cheapest?

Southwest Airlines is the only airline that puts their fares on sales. Most probably you can find it on Tuesdays. However, as it is not the policy of the airline. Therefore, you can find it till Thursday. If you are lucky enough, you can book your flight for as low as $39. 

The low-fare sale usually applies to bookings made with cash or using Southwest points.

How to Use the Southwest Low Fare Calendar for Cheap Flights?

You can use the low price search tool with ease. However, if you are still thinking how, then the below points will help you. 

  • Visit the Southwest booking page.
  • Then, you will find the low-fare calendar link below the "Departure" and "Arrive" options. 
  • Click on the link
  • A new tab will open. 
  • Then, select the departure and arrival
  • Then, a window consisting of fares for the entire month will open. 
  • Choose the number of passengers.
  • You can also search for different trip types. 
  • Click on the "Search" button.
  • The results will show entire month fare for departure and arrival date 
  • Then, choose the date with the cheapest fare and complete the booking.

Popular Routes and Destinations to Book with Southwest 

Southwest Airlines recently closed its spring sale 2024 for as low as $49. However, you can enjoy this fare only for selected destinations. While using Southwest low fare finder, checking out the list of popular destinations and routes is really important. 

  • Chicago  to Atlanta
  • Atlanta  to Baltimore/Washington 
  • Denver to Albuquerque
  • Las Vegas to Salt Lake City
  • Denver to Minneapolis 
  • Nashville to Atlanta
  • Orlando  to Baltimore/Washington 
  • Las Vegas  to Denver 

The above list is not limited to these destinations. You can find the entire list on the airline website. Southwest keeps its passengers happy by offering them attractive fare deals around the year.

Other Ways to Book Cheap Flight Tickets with Southwest

No doubt, Southwest Airlines low price calendar is a significant tool to book cheap flight deals. Despite that, you can also use other tips to find low-flight fares with Southwest.

Buy Early: Southwest fares can change with time. So, purchase a ticket early if you do not want to lose any deal. 

Use Lock-in Fare Facility: You can lock a fare with Southwest Airlines. The airline also allows you to change it if you find a low fare in the future. However, you will get the fare difference in flight credit that you can use to purchase future tickets. 

Consider 24-Hour Cancellation Policy: Southwest Airlines lets you cancel all refundable or non refundable tickets for free. But, you have to complete it in 24-hours of ticket booking. You can use this opportunity when you find a low fare on other dates. 

Set an Alert: You can also set an alert for flight fares if you do not want to open the calendar repeatedly. The airline will notify you immediately once it runs a sale.

What are the Restrictions and Exclusions on Low Fare on Southwest?

Southwest Airlines provides cheap fares for all trip types like one-way, round trip, or multi-city. However, it is important to consider the below restrictions and exclusions:

  • Purchase using points does not include taxes, fees, and other charges. 
  • The airline may have limited seats. 
  • Fares can change with the destination, flight, and week you select for travel. 
  • Also, it may not be possible for flights to run in peak season.
  • The most restrictive fare rules will apply when you book fares with Southwest Airlines combinable fares. 
  • Further, the airline will allow a refund if you cancel the flight 10 minutes before the departure.
  • However, you will only get transferable credit for Business Select or Anytime tickets when you cancel them within 10 minutes of departure. 
  • For Wanna Get Away or Wanna Get Away Plus, you won't receive any refund for cancellation 10 minutes before departure. 
  • Change in travel plans can maximise the fare
  • The offer is applicable only to published and scheduled flight services.


With Southwest Airlines low fare calendar, you always have a good chance to get the best flight deal. You can use this user-friendly tool to find the day with the lowest fares. So you no longer need to wait to visit your dream destination. Connect with a Southwest agent at 1-800-435-9792 for any query regarding the price calendar.

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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

How do I purchase Southwest Wanna Get Away $49 flight deals?

Check the Southwest website for Wanna Get Away $49 sales. The airline usually puts flights on offer on Tuesdays.

What routes are $49 on Southwest?

You will mostly find the $49 flights on Southwest on following routes. -Chicago, IL to Nashville, TN -Las Vegas, NV to Salt Lake City, UT -Denver, CO to Albuquerque, NM -Denver to Minneapolis -Nashville, TN to Atlanta, GA

What destinations do $29 Southwest flights go to?

You can fly from Atlanta to Nashville, Austin to Houston, Los Angeles to Las Vegas, Baltimore to Norfolk, Chicago to Cincinnati for $29.

How to buy Southwest $29 flights?

You can buy Southwest flight for $29 from its website. The airline will automatically apply the promo code before you make the final purchase.

What weekdays are the Southwest flight tickets the cheapest?

Most probably, you will find the cheapest tickets on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

What are the top Southwest airlines low fare destinations?

Southwest Airlines offers low fares for destinations like Atlanta, Austin, Los Angeles, Chicago etc.

Can I get Southwest airlines low fare notifications on my phone?

Yes. you can set up a fare alert on the Southwest Airlines website. The airline will send you notification whenever there is a sale.
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