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It is the location of the world’s largest cultural, financial, and commercial center. Some of the iconic sites include the skyscrapers, sprawling Central Park, the Empire State Building, Broadway Theatre, etc. 

The only capital of the United States where the Hudson River meets the Atlantic Ocean. When you plan your travel, you look for the budget-friendly prices. 

Those who are looking to rush into the big city will never be disappointed with New York City. You can get into the confusion about where to begin with, as this is the top place on your bucket list to have a good start to your vacation. 

Keep reading the next article to learn more about the top attractions you can see on your next journey.

Best time to visit to new york: 

Before planning and getting any details about the places to visit in New York, you must know about the best time. 

Peak season: one of the high and top seasons to visit is early September and November through December.

Shoulder season: April to mid-May and September to October. 

Off-season: travelers can save a lot in the off-season and fly between January through March.

Top sites to tour in New York:

Start your travel to New York and enjoy the top 10 places that are worth flying to for your vacation. Here are the attractions that you must not forget.

The National 9/11 Memorial and Museum

This national memorial and museum is a reminder of the September 11th, 2001 attacks at the World Trade Center site. You can see the story of the fatal day with the help of video, interactive materials, photos, and artifacts describing the situation and problems citizens had to face at that time. 

Apart from this, you also get the survivor tree, the Callery pear tree, which stands as the symbol of survival and death.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Metropolitan or Met is usually called the biggest art museum and has become one of the most famous in the world. One of the best things to see in the museum is the 5000-year-old artworks and the fine dining. You can dine at the Great Hall balcony cafe and bar or the dining room at the Met. 

This is also the origin of inspiration, understanding, and insight into learning, dreaming, discovering, and connecting.

Central Park

For more than 150 years, they gathered at Central Park, situated in the 843 green acres of Manhattan. Central Park Conservancy and the public handle this park, which is open between 6 am and 1 am daily. However, go to the official website of Central Park to find more details about the activities, happenings and other related things.

Top of the Rock

Nothing is better than seeing New York from the top of the rock. This observatory is situated in the Rockefeller Center and is considered the finest place to explore in New York. Travelers can try the beam walk, which was set up in honor of the construction workers sitting on the steel beam and having their lunch. Get unforgettable photos and keep them as a lifetime experience. However, enjoy the panoramic 360-degree view from the 70th floor, 850 feet in the sky.

Empire State Building

This is a beloved cultural icon and the tallest building in the world. Also, you can consider the amount of work that went into the construction. Get the New York site-seeing tour and make the way just like the observatories that have been laid out. This building is also named after the nickname of New York, i.e., the Empire State.  

Travelers can enjoy this famous tourist attraction and the favorite architecture list that stands at 1250 feet.

Statue of Liberty

One of the famous statues that enlightens the world is a gift of friendship from France to the people of the United States. This statue is a symbol of democracy and freedom. The statue was designed in 1924 at the National Monument and dedicated in 1886. The tales of the 12 million immigrants who entered the country with the help of Ellis Island are an audio tour with an interactive area. 

It is advisable to get the tickets as soon as possible to tour the pedestal along with the crown.

American Museum of Natural History

Their home is on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, which attracts various tourists from across the globe. If you wish to see biodiversity and captured spaces-related models, videos, and installations, visit the environmental halls, where you can see amphibians, reptiles, birds, earth, fossil halls, mammal halls, human origins, planetary sciences, etc. 

This place is both educational and entertaining and on everyone’s bucket list. If you get general admission, you can access the 40 permanent exhibition halls, the Rose Center for Earth and Space, and other research centres.

Brooklyn Bridge

The top 8th place in New York is the Brooklyn Bridge, an engineering marvel built 14 years ago by a dozen people. The designer died in the process of bends and accidents. Every single day, this bridge carries almost 150,000 vehicles and pedestrians and also features in many films like Limitless, The French Connection, and Transformers 2.

ST. Patrick's Cathedral

An essential landmark is as a symbol of Roman Catholicism. This is one of the beautiful places with neo-gothic-style structures that accommodate more than 3000 people. The magnificent features are up to 330 feet in the pieta, which is three times bigger than Michelangelo’s Pietà. Include your place in the must-see places of New York on your bucket list.

The High Line

The place contains the elevated railway that covers the public park and gives a fantastic view of the New York skyline and the Hudson River. This 1.5-high line draws the attention of travelers who find interest in the lush horticulture, installation, art, and other community programs.

Here, you can enjoy leisure, along with the colorful murals that you can see all around. There are other places in the high line that you can explore while traveling. This includes the Chelsea Market and the Whitney Museum of American Art.

To sum up

Lastly, you can see that New York is something to spend the vacation in and comes under the dream destination. Plan your flight travel and make a reservation according to your choice and preferences only from airlinespolicyhub.com. We will surely give you a memorable and cherishable flying experience. 

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