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Looking to book a group flight for a business meeting, a leisure trip, or a family reunion? United Airlines has got you covered with the best group travel discounts. By booking a United Airlines Group Travel flight, you can enrich your travel experience by personalising the trip to the fullest.

Just inform the airline in advance so they can make arrangements, and offer you rates that match with your trip necessities.

Moreover, the United Airlines group program is designed for people who are travelling together in a group of 10 or more.

It offers deals and discounts that make the booking cheaper. Let’s find out the different ways you can take advantage of the group reservations at United.

Highlights of United Airlines Group Trip

  • While making the group reservation there should be at least 10 people.
  • The group booking should be completed 7 days before the scheduled departure.
  • All the group members should travel with the same itinerary and have the same dates and destinations.
  • All the group members will get the same base fare.
  • The whole group can check in for a flight at the same time.
  • For check-in, United Airlines provides a separate lane for group members.
  • Moreover, with group booking, members can get incentives like free name change, best deals, and discounts on booking.

How can I book multiple people on United Airlines?

If you want to make a group reservation, United Airlines offers various ways, such as - online and offline. To know more, read further. 

Book your group trip Online (Through the Website ) 

  • Visit the website of United Airlines.
  • Then log into your account and find the booking section.
  • After that, tap on the flight booking option.
  • Now choose the types of booking (solo or group Booking)
  • Tap on the group booking travel option.
  • Tap on it, and you will see the online United Airlines group travel form.
  • Click on it to start to fill in the booking details. 
  • Choose the one-way/round trip or Multi-city flights 
  • After filling out the form, tap to submit and get the group quote.

Once you complete the process, United Airlines will send a group quote. If it is okay to you, choose the flight and confirm your reservation by paying the booking amount. 

Book your group trip offline (By calling the customer service) 

If you fail to get the group rate online or by any chance you fail the online process, then no worries, you can simply call the customer service team using the United Airlines group booking phone number. The steps are: 

  • Dial the United Airlines customer service phone number.
  • Choose the language and speak with a representative.
  • Now request the representative to send the group quote.
  • If he/she agrees, provide your booking details, such as:
  1. Number of passengers
  2. Travel dates 
  3. Destination
  4. Type of  trip (one-way, round trip, and multi-city)
  • After filling out all the details, the representative will send your group quote. 
  • Now choose the right flight according to your budget.
  • At last, complete the booking by making the payment. 

Once all the steps are done, you will get the confirmation of the booking on your provided email address.

Does United Airlines offer Group Trip rates? 

Yes. United Airlines offers the group rate when a passenger makes a booking for 10 or more people. These are discounted rates which aid in booking the flight at a cheaper rate. 

But keep in mind, the group rate varies according to the number of passengers you have in a group and where you all are traveling to.

United Airlines Personalized Group Reservations: Special Requests

If you want to personalize your group reservation, or if any of the group members need a particular kind of assistance, you can request for it, such as: 

  • Wheelchair assistance 
  • Special meal request
  • Preferable seating request
  • Assistance at the airport 

Can I get the United Airlines Group Travel Discount?

Yes, you get the best deals and discounts by making a group booking with United Airlines. For 10 or more people commuting together in a group, United Airlines offers a discounted price. 

Moreover, the discounts depend on the number of group members you have booked with. Further, the particular requirement for getting the discounts may vary. It is always better to check the policy or contact the airline team to get the details.

How to check-in for a group trip with United Airlines? 

If you already have a group booking with United Airlines, and are now seeking United Airlines group trip check-in, follow the steps below.

  • Prior to checking in, the group leader must have all the documents handy.
  • The group members should reach the airport early to complete the check-in.
  1. For domestic flights, reach  2 hours before the departure.
  2. International flights reach 3 hours before the departure.
  • At the check-in counter, United Airlines offers a separate lane for group members to complete the process hassle-free.
  • For group members, extra baggage is allowed while checking-in.

United Airlines Group Tour Cancellations: Terms and Conditions 

You have made the group booking but are now seeking cancellation because the plan has changed.

Refer to these terms and conditions of United Airlines group travel cancellation policy that may apply.

  • Cancel the flight within 24 hours of booking, otherwise charges may apply.
  • Get a full refund for cancelling, if you booked with Basic Economy or reserved it through Cash Plus miles
  • Once the travel starts, there will be no refund for any unused part of the ticket.
  • For example: If you have booked a connecting group flight, but any of the group members refuse to take the next flight, in that case, no refund will be provided.
  • Refund will be credited back to the original mode of payment if you are eligible for it.

What is United Travel Guard Insurance? 

United Travel Guard is an insurance plan that helps passengers protect their journey from unfortunate incidents. Here are a few of them:

  • Medical Expenses 
  • Trip Cancellation/Delays 
  • Baggage Loss

How can you buy it?

Consider buying the travel insurance at the time of reservation. Follow the below steps: 

  • Go to ‘Manage my Booking’ option on the airline official site and apply for the ‘Trip Guard’.
  • Or call the customer service team at 877-934-8308.

How to Enhance Your Group Travel Experience with United Airlines? 

For a seamless travel, consider a few things:

  • To access the best deals, plan in advance. 
  • Speak with the group members, and check if they are aware of group requirements.
  • Inform the group members in advance to reach the airport on time. 
  • Ensure every group member has his travel documents ready.

Bottom Line 

Group booking offers an amazing opportunity to people travelling together to enjoy a seamless journey. Further, United Airlines Group Travel program provides a wide range of benefits, such as group discounted rates, personalization, and a hassle-free booking procedure. 

If you still have doubts, call the United’s customer service team, or contact our travel experts at 1-860-516-6375.

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