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Reservation of a group ticket is not as easy as it is with Southwest Airlines. Therefore, meet the Southwest Airlines group travel conditions and go for a compelling journey with your group. It is not easy to reserve and manage flight tickets when you travel in a group. 

However, reserving a group ticket makes it easy for you. Under this, you do not need to book separate tickets for each individual. Rather, you can book one ticket for all.

Southwest Airlines lets you reserve a group flight when ten or more people travel together. 

If you want to learn more about booking group trip on Southwest, then the article below will help you.

Southwest Group Travel Terms & Conditions

Do you always think of going on a trip with your favourite people? You can fulfil this dream with Southwest group booking. However, you need to meet some terms and conditions mentioned below:

  • You need 10 or more passengers to book a group holiday with Southwest.
  • Similarly, Southwest Airlines does not allow you to modify your group ticket. 
  • Further, you will not get a refund for a group booking when you cancel it.
  • You cannot cancel the group reservation for an individual person. 
  • The airline cancels the reservation for all the members of the group.
  • Next, Southwest Airlines provides the same base fare for all passengers. 
  • You need to submit a deposit of $50 dollars for each passenger in advance. 
  • Further, pay the remaining amount later. 
  • You can use only a credit card for making the deposit.
  • Southwest Airlines also gives you freedom to make modifications to your name.
  • There is no limit on that until 72 hours are left in flight departure. 
  • Similarly, group travellers can not use the Early Bird check-in process. 
  • However, all the group members do not need to make a separate check-in.
  • You can not use the Southwest Airlines group travel discount combined with its coupons, travel credits, etc. 

Note: Check out the Southwest Airlines website if you want to learn more about its group flight booking policy.

How Does Group Travel Work on Southwest?

Group travel on Southwest Airlines works the simple way. However, if you still think about how it works, then check the below information. 

Pay In Advance: 

You need to make an advance deposit of $50 per passenger for a group holiday on Southwest. Advance payment is mandatory to hold the space for 10 or more passengers.

Further, you can only use a credit card for the payment. So, you can contact Southwest customer service at 1-800-433-5368 to pay over the call. 

Complete the Remaining Payment:

Now, it is time to pay the remaining amount. Therefore, you should deposit the remaining amount once you have been shared with the final list of passengers. To proceed with that, you can call 1-800-433-5368 for the payment. 

Further, you can use the following modes of payment:

  • Credit Card, 
  • PayPal
  • UATP 

In case you use the wire transfer to make the payment, contact Southwest customer service through phone or email at [email protected]. However, you need to complete it at least seven days prior to the due date for final payment.

How to Book Southwest Group Travel?

The only way to book a group ticket on Southwest Airlines is by calling its customer service. However, you can submit the group travel request form online as well. To know the process in detail, you can go through the below information:

Fill out the Group Travel Request Form

  • Visit Southwest Airlines website 
  • Then, look for the airline group travel form.
  • Further, provide the requested details.
  • Enter "Group Leader Name"
  • Next, provide the "Customer Email”
  • Then, select "Final Payment Due Date"
  • Similarly, enter "Confirmation Number"
  • Upload documents required, if any.
  • Provide other details like group members' requirements, budget, etc.
  • Then, click on the "Submit" button.
  • The airline representative will call you with the price quote. 
  • Next, you can complete the booking process on call.

Booking via Southwest Airlines Group Travel Phone Number

You can call the Southwest Airlines executive directly. However, the number can differ depending on the flight route(domestic or international):

Domestic Flight

  • Reach out to Southwest customer service at 1(800)433-5368 to book a domestic group holiday. 
  • However, expect a reply amidst Monday to Friday (between 5 a.m. and 12 a.m. CT)

International Flight

  • Contact a Southwest representative at 1(800)308-5037 for an international group holiday. 
  • However, it is possible only during Monday to Friday (between 5 a.m. and 12 a.m. CT)

Southwest Airlines Group Tickets - Benefits

Are you still thinking, what difference it will make to book a group ticket on Southwest instead of separate tickets? Well, in that case, you should check out the Southwest Airlines group travel benefits below:

  • Flexibility in Payment: Southwest Airlines allows you to make an advance payment for group tickets. Further, you can make the remaining payment prior to the due date mentioned in the email. 
  • No Additional Fee: You do not need to pay a booking and change fee for reservation of group tickets. Therefore, you can save a ton on your ticket cost. 
  • Get a Free Round Trip Ticket: You get a free round trip ticket when you complete 29 group reservations on Southwest Airlines. However, you may need to pay the taxes and fee. 
  • Free Name Change: Southwest Airlines gives the freedom to change names endless times. However, it is possible only 72 hours before flight.

How Do I Check-In a Group on Southwest?

You can complete the Southwest group travel check-in process online. Therefore, all the members can check-in together as they have a single ticket. 

Southwest Airlines lets you check in at the airport as well.

However, it expects you to complete the online check-in 24- hour prior to flight departure.

Southwest Airlines group check-in online

  • Visit Southwest’s official webpage. 
  • Search for online check-in sessions.
  • Tap on "Check In".
  • Provide the requested details. 
  • Enter passenger details like name, contact details, etc.
  • Fill in other details.
  • Finally, complete the check-in process.

Check-In at the Airport

  • If you skipped the online process, then you can complete it at the airport.
  • Simply go to a representative at the help desk at the airport.
  • Provide him with the requested details, and your group can complete the check-in together.

How to Print Boarding Passes for Group Holiday on Southwest?

You can print the boarding passes through Southwest Airlines website or mobile application. Therefore, first, complete your check-in process and look for the "Download Print" option. Further, you can also use the kiosk service to print boarding passes. 


So, the above information on Southwest Airlines Group Travel is enough to guide you thoroughly. Therefore, abide by the above terms and conditions and make your group holiday more convenient and affordable. You simply need to connect with the airline representative. The person will guide you through the booking process and will assist you with the related queries.

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