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Are you a student who needs to travel frequently? However, rising fares is a concern for you. Then, you must be looking for ways to save on your flight tickets. Therefore, American Airlines took the special initiative for the students. With American Airlines student discount, you can enjoy exclusive reduced flight prices for every journey.

However, you should satisfy the conditions to get the student discount. Further, the airline will offer you a discount promo code to use while securing a ticket. 

So, the below article is for you if you want to save more. In that, you will get all the information related to student discounts on American Airlines.

What is the Student Discount on American Airlines?

Student discount is a concession in fares that American Airlines specially provides to students enrolled in recognised university, school or college. You can check before booking a flight if you are eligible for the same. As a student you can grab a discount between 10 and 20 % to travel within the USA and to international destinations. The overseas destinations include Latin America, Asia, Europe, Australia and many more.

Highlights of American Airlines Student Discount

American Airlines offers reduced fares to students. But, all students can not take its benefits. There are some criterias of American Airlines that you should know. To learn about them, check out the information below: 

  • Your age should be between 12 and 25 years.
  • You must have a valid student ID from a recognized institution.
  • It is a must to enrol for an AAdvantage loyalty program.
  • Similarly, you must be a University, school, or college student.
  • The academic institution should come on the AA discount list.
  • You have enrolled for StudentUniverse membership. 
  • The airline allows you to earn miles with AAdvantage along with a discount. 
  • You have chosen from 400 destinations qualified for the student discount
  • The airline gives you a discount between 10 and 20 percent.
  • You can reserve tickets up to eleven months before flight departure.

How to Get Student Discount on American Airlines?

As a student, you can take advantage of reduced fares on American Airlines. You can get the promo code and use it before making the final payment. Do you still not know how to get aa student discount for flight booking? You have multiple ways to use it:

Official Website

  • Visit American Airlines official website.
  • Choose departure and arrival destinations.
  • A number of flight options will appear.
  • Choose the flight that qualifies for a student discount. 
  • Enter travel date, trip type.
  • Provide other travel details like number of passengers.
  • Proceed further for payment.
  • Enter the student promo code in the box .
  • Click on the "Apply" button.
  • Then, make payment for the remaining fare amount.

Mobile Application

You can also use the American Airlines mobile app to book discounted flights as a student. Simply follow the guided process and complete the booking. 

Contact an Agent

American Airlines also helps through its agents. You can call at +1-860-516-6375 or +1-800-433-7300 and take assistance from a live agent. The executive will complete the discounted booking for you. You just need to provide the requested details to him.

Documents Required for an AA Student Concession Program

To get the student discount on AA flights, you need to produce the following documents.

  • American Airlines asks you to submit a school or college ID to get the exclusive deals as a student. 
  • The ID you produce must be issued by an AA partnered educational institution. 
  • Last but not least, American Airlines can also ask for a birth certificate to get a proof for your age. 

Is There Any Validity of Student Discount on American Airlines ?

Yes. There is not a fixed limit on American Airlines promo code student. So, you must go through the terms and conditions for each student voucher. Make sure to plan your travel before it expires. 

American Airlines publishes detailed information for student discount code eligibility, validity, and other requirements. So, you can check out the latest information from there.

Note: You will also receive a discount via loyalty program membership Student discount is not available on all international flights. Therefore, check out the offer guidelines properly.

On What Routes American Airlines Offer Student Discounts?

American Airlines offers student discounts on domestic and many international destination flights. Therefore, you must explore the deals on American Airlines website if you are flying on one of the following routes. 

  • Boston to Chicago 
  • Chicago to Los Angeles 
  • San Francisco to Chicago
  • Los Angeles to New York 
  • New York to San Francisco 
  • San Diego to Los Angeles
  • Atlanta to San Francisco
  • Los Angeles to San Francisco

Above destinations are hubs of academic institutions in the USA. Therefore, it attracts a lot of students to choose them for their further studies. 

Some of the famous routes from US on which American Airlines provides lucrative deals to students  are following:

  • Latin America
  • Canada
  • Europe 
  • Mexico
  • South America
  • Asia
  • South Pacific
  • Australia and more

If you are a student and looking to fly any of the above destinations with American Airlines, then check out the discounted rates for students on the airline website.

What Facilities Does American Airlines Offer to Students?

Reduced fares do not mean that American Airlines will compromise on the quality of its service. American Airlines does its best to make the flying experience comfortable for students. 

As a result of this, it provides many features to students to have an exciting journey. Some of the features that airline provides include the following:

Onboard Wi-fi

You can stay stress free about your homework while on board. American Airlines provide you free Wi Fi access to connect with your friends. The airline is adding this facility to many more aircrafts. 

Power Outlets 

No need to worry about the device switching off because of power shortage. American Airlines provides you with power outlets and USB ports on every flight. You can finish watching your favourite shows on board. 

Exclusive Flight Deals

You can enjoy exclusive student discounts on flight tickets by becoming a member of StudentUniverse. You must log in for the lowest fare deals for your next flight. 

Note: Must read the terms and conditions to use student promo code properly. Prices can change without notice.

What is the Checked Bag Allowance for Students on American Airlines?

American Airlines has revised the bag allowances and fees. As per that, you have the following student baggage allowance with the airline.

  • For travel within the U.S. and between the Puerto Rico / U.S. Virgin Islands: You have to pay $40 for first checked baggage. It is 35$ when you pay online. However, you should pay 45$ for second checked baggage. 
  • When you travel to and from Canada / Mexico / Caribbean / Central America / Guyana: You should pay $35 for the first checked bag and 45$ for the second. 

Note: American Airlines bag fees are nonrefundable and valid on all passengers. However, if the airline charged you incorrectly, contact its representative for help. The airline will return your money within 45 days of making the claim.


By providing American Airlines student discount, the airline supports the student in their travel dreams. Therefore, plan a journey and save on flight tickets with exclusive vouchers, promo codes by American Airlines. 

You can also connect an American Airlines agent (800-433-7300) to learn more about student discounts.

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