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Do you want to pick your desired seat on American Airlines? However, are you still thinking about the american airlines seat selection fee for each seating option? American Airlines has made the seat selection process simple and affordable for its passengers. Therefore, it provides options ranging from free to paid. 

You can even skip the seat selection and let the airline decide a seat for you. It will not cost you anything. But whether you will get a suitable seat will completely depend on your luck.

Different Seating Options and Fee Rules

Looking at the needs of passengers, American Airlines provides seating options to its passengers. Some seating options include complimentary seat selection, while others may demand a cost. The cost differs with the fare type, seat type, and flight distance. Therefore, check out the fee for each of the seat types:

Basic Economy 

Basic Economy is the cheapest fare option on American Airlines. You can select a seat only by paying a fee starting from $12 to $14. The only way to skip the American Airlines basic economy seat selection fee is to get the Aadvantage membership status. 

However, if passengers skip the selection process, the airline will assign a seat for free during check-in. But, in that case, there is no guarantee that all the companions will sit together. 

Main Cabin 

Main Cabin seats are also known as Standard economy seats. In this, passengers with standard economy fare tickets can choose a seat for free. However, you may need to pay a fee for preferred or additional legroom seats. American Airlines give you a preferred or extra legroom seat for free in the following situation:

  • When passengers have an Elite Status.
  • If a passenger makes the payment using miles.
  • When you are an AAdvantage frequent flyer member.

Main Cabin Extra

This seating option comes with extra legroom or complimentary flight services on board. It cost around $20 to get a Main Cabin Extra seat. Aadvantage members opt for this seat and pay using miles points. American Airlines provides 100 miles for $1. So, you need 4000 miles for a $40 seat. These seats are available in limited quantities. Therefore, must check if the type of flight you choose has this seat or not.

Premium Economy

Premium Economy comes with a complimentary seat selection on American Airlines. However, you may need to pay American Airlines seat selection fee for a Main Cabin Extra or Preferred Seats. Fees usually fall between $30 to $110, which differs with the flight duration. Therefore, check out the exact cost when booking.

Business Class

To provide the world class travel experience on board, American Airlines offers complimentary seat selection to its passengers. Therefore, you can relax with wider leg space and a comfortable seat during an international journey.

First Class

Get on the First Class seat on American Airlines if you want a luxurious experience. The airline gives you complimentary seat selection in this highly privileged class.

Is It Worth Paying for Seat Selection on American Airlines?

Yes. American Airlines provides you with a seat even if you skip the seat selection process. But, there is no guarantee if you will get the seat of your choice. Also, the chances that you will sit with your loved ones reduces. Therefore, selecting a seat on American Airlines is always worth it. 

What Happens If I Do Not Pay for An American Airlines Seat?

American Airlines will always provide you a seat whether you buy it or not. If you do not select it in advance, the airline will offer you a random seat. It helps you save seat selection costs on American Airlines and set on a budgeted journey. 

Sum up

Choose from the above seating option and add comfort to your journey. Pay American Airlines seat selection fee for a Main Cabin Extra or Preferred seat. You only get what you pay for on American Airlines. Get in touch with the airline representative and learn more about its seat selection fees.

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