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American Airlines gives you various ways to book a multi-city trip. Therefore, you can explore the online and offline ways to secure a ticket on American Airlines. Further, pick a suitable option that fits your needs.

You can add more destinations to your ticket. However, you need to keep the maximum limit in mind. 

Therefore, if you want to know more on how to secure a multi-city flight on American Airlines, then you are at the right place. 

The information below will help you with the following

  • Multi-city booking process,
  • Benefits and 
  • Tips to find cheap flight tickets.

American Airlines Multi City Ticket- Booking Steps

If you are looking to book a multi-city journey with American Airlines, follow the basic steps below. 

Book American Airlines Multi City Flights Online

  • Visit the “Book Flights” section on American Airlines.
  • Further, choose the booking type, such as redeem miles or AAdvantage account.
  • Choose “Multi-City” as the trip type.
  • Next, enter the departure and arrival destination.
  • Similarly, select the departure and return date.
  • Further, add more destinations and travel dates.
  • Select the number of passengers, including adults and children.
  • Choose from the dropdown in the “Options” section.
  • Further, click on the “Search” button.
  • Then, a number of flight options will appear. 
  • Choose a flight among them and 
  • Finally, make the payment.

The airline will send you mail that includes your booking confirmation code and other necessary details.

Book American Airlines Multi City By Phone

You can also book a multi-city flight booking on American Airlines by calling its customer service. Therefore, you can dial American Airlines phone number +1-860-516-6375 and talk to its representative. Request the person for a multi-city ticket and make the payment.

Cheapest Way to Book Multi City Flights - Tips and Tricks

Booking a multi-city ticket is itself a way to get a cheap flight ticket. However, you can save more when you have the right knowledge. Therefore, you can use the below tips and tricks when you search for the cheapest flight tickets on American Airlines.

  • Be flexible with Dates: Check fares on different dates and find the cheapest date to book. 
  • Select Different Airports: When booking an American Airlines multi-city flight, choose different airports for departure and arrival.
  • Go with the Long Layover Option: A long layover of 3 days or more can make for a considerable difference in flight fare.
  • Save on Baggage Cost: Keep the luggage light so it fits into your carry-on bag. AA doesn’t charge for carry-on bags and personal items.

What are The Benefits of American Airlines Multi City Flight?

You can enjoy multiple benefits on multi-city flights on American Airlines. A few of them comprise:

  • Travel More in Less Budget: With American Airlines multi city booking, cover multiple locations in a limited budget by choosing long layovers.
  • Merge Two Trips: Reserve a multi-destination trip rather than a separate ticket for all legs of the journey.

For example, when you plan a journey to San Francisco and Hawaii from Las Vegas, consider booking a multi-city ticket.

  • Ideal for Business Travelers: Leveraging multi-stop flights, one can add up to six destinations in his itinerary, thereby making it exemplary for frequent flyers.

For instance, American Airlines offers multi-city flights that connect Chicago, New York, and San Francisco, major business centers for business travelers.

  • Best to Travel with Kids: Boarding a long distance flight with kids is a real hectic. Therefore, American Airlines multi stop flight gives you the option to break your journey in parts.

It further helps you relax at a place for some time and then board a flight for the next part of the journey.

  • Cost Effective: AA offers a discount on the overall trip when reserving a multi stop flight, compared to booking separate tickets for each part.


So, the above information is enough to help you book a multi-city flight on American Airlines. Therefore, you can follow the easy booking steps above and get the complete benefit of American Airlines multi-city tickets. Further, you can contact its representative to resolve your queries, or connect with us on +1-860-516-6375.

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