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Have you misspelled your Name on Delta Airlines booking? It is not a problem, and you are not alone in this. So many people make the name change on their flight ticket if there is an error. However, this complete guide Helps you with the Delta Airlines Name Change Process and Policy. It is unusual, though, that Delta Airlines allows name changes/corrections for hassle-free booking. 

However, Delta Airlines' name change policy allows passengers to correct or misspell their name, but you can not transfer your name to someone else. So, continue to read further to know more about the rules and regulations and how you can change your name. 

What Is the Name Change Policy of Delta Airlines? 

When making a flight booking and entering wrong information can be done by so many passengers, but Delta Airlines knows the situation and offers a Delta Airline Name Change Policy. However, before starting the process of changing the name, let’s check the conditions and rules listed below: 

  • The passenger can ask for the Name change/correction online for a minor spelling Mistake. 
  • Delta Airlines allows you to change your first and last name on the Ticket. 
  • Delta Airlines Allows a last name change due to Marriage.
  • Passengers are allowed to change their nickname to their legal name on the Flight Tickets.
  • Delta Airlines' Name change policy allows changes in the death of Birth as well. 
  • Passengers are allowed to make minor mistakes without making a full name change.

What are the Various Situations of Delta Airlines Name Correction? 

Unfortunately, there are various situations for which passengers apply for Delta Name Correction on Flight Ticket, such as a few making the last name change, some of them wanting to change their middle name, or some wanting to correct minor spelling mistakes. So let’s let’s check all the situations. 

Delta Airlines Name Change/Correction After Marriage: 

Those who have got married and want to upgrade their name on the ticket, in this situation they need to provide the specific documents, or proof to change their name, such as the marriage certificate. 

This process can easily be done by calling Delta Airlines or by visiting the website online. Further, you contact the Delta Name Change Customer Service to change your name and know about the exact policy. This name change policy of Delta Airlines Allows the passengers to understand the updating of the passenger details for hassle-free Travel. 

Delta Airlines Middle Name Correction 

When making a booking, filling out the middle name is not that important, but if you have it and fill it in, make sure you write it correctly, and it should match your identity documents. However, on the middle name change procedure, follow the Steps mentioned below: 

  • First, make sure to look into your PNR number to correct your name.
  • Incorporate an OSI text to advise the Name correction on the Ticket is completed. 
  • Last, Delta Airlines will issue a new ticket to Name change Delta Airlines, and make sure further you will not be able to make any changes in your flight ticket or the date or Travel. 

Delta Airlines Last Name Correction

When making a flight booking with Delta Airlines, make sure to avoid falling into any kind of situation and provide a correct name matching your government ID. In case you still want to change your last name, know the steps mentioned below. 

  • Delta Airlines only allows passengers to change up to 3 characters in their last name. 
  • The last name correction process will be the same as the middle one, and the only change is that you will get a different OSI notification. 

Note: If there are other reasons besides the ones mentioned above, then in that case, the passenger can contact customer service directly at +1 (800) 221-1212 or 1-860-374-7569 and ask for help. Provide the Documents required and complete the Process.

Delta Airlines Skymiles Name Change Rules

As per the Delta Airlines SkyMiles Name Change Rules, passengers are allowed to request a name change. However, you should know that your name should be matched with your government ID. 

Mentioned below are the few steps through which passengers can request Delta Airlines Change Passenger Name through SkyMiles. 

  • A passenger who wants to change their name for any reason can request it by visiting the website and logging into the SkyMiles Account.
  • Passengers can call the customer service of Delta Airlines, not by just name change. They can contact us for any help. You can find the official Number on the website.

Delta Airlines Name Change Policy of Domestic And International Flights 

When you are required to change your name on Domestic or International flights, there are a few conditions for that, and you need to follow each of them. Here are a few of them: 

  • If passengers make the Minor name change under the 24-hour window of flight booking, then there will be no change fee applicable.
  • If passengers make the Minor name change after the 24-hour window of flight booking, then there will be a charge fee that they need to pay. 
  • The fee for minor mistakes depends upon the flight you have booked or fare class. However, the fee may range between 475 to $500.

These charges will depend upon the major or minor change and time left for the scheduled departure.

What are the Methods to Change the Name of Delta Airlines? 

If the passenger made a minor mistake while making the reservation, don’t worry about that since there are various ways to change the Name. To change the name, these are the ways you can follow, as mentioned below.

Method 1- Through Website 

  • Visit the website of Delta Airlines
  • Then tap on the My Trip option in the Manage My Booking section.
  • Enter the details required, such as last name, confirmation number, etc. 
  • Submit the details, and proceed.
  • After that, once you get access, enter the correct name.
  • Then, pay the fee if required. 

Method-2 Through the customer service Phone Number 

  • Visit the website, then tap on the Contact us
  • Select the option, and you will find the number;+1 (800) 221-1212 or 1-860-374-7569 dial that. 
  • After dialing the contact number, tell all the details 
  • A Delta Airlines representative will assist you regarding your name change. 
  • If you are eligible for the name change, the representative will ask you for the details.
  • Then, by entering the new details, the representative will continue to proceed. 
  • After that, pay the Amount if required, and you will get the confirmation email at last. 

Method-3 Through Name Change Form.

  • Visit the Website of Delta Airlines,
  • Login into the account and then tap on the Manage My Booking section
  • Find the name change form on the same page and tap on proceed.
  • Fill out the form by providing the official details.
  • After filling in the details, tap on Submit. 
  • Pay the Amount, and you will get the confirmation. 

Thus, by following the ways mentioned above, you will get the name change on Delta Airlines very easily. However, if you need further assistance, contact the Delta Airlines Customer Service Team.

Does Delta Name Correction On Boarding Pass Matters? 

Yes, as per the TSA, passengers can only travel further if they make the changes or correct their misspelled name; the name on the ticket should be matched with the Government IDs. 

However, Making a mistake is very common, and when you make a booking, if your last name or first name matches the passport, you can fly and board the Flight.

What Is The Delta Airlines Name Change Fee? 

According to Delta Airlines Name Correction Policy, Passengers are allowed to change their name free of cost, if the changes are done within 24 hours. This means Changes before completing the 24-hour booking window, you can not pay any change fee, but if it's done after completing the 24 hours, the passenger has to pay the Amount. These fees are as follows: 

  • The Delta Airlines name change or correction fee will depend upon the type of ticket and the fare class you have booked. 
  • As per the Policy, The change fee varies from $75 to $500. 
  • If you have changed your name on domestic or international flights, in that case, fee varies according to the routes and Destinations.


In conclusion, we hope the details mentioned above will be enough to understand the process of changing/correcting your name, Details Airlines. However, if you still need any help regarding the Delta Airlines Name Change Policy, you can contact customer service and get the required help. Moreover, dial the Number for quick assistance with your name change. Customer Service Works 24*7 to assist passengers whenever they need it.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

How do we change the name of Delta Airlines?

Passengers can change the Name on the flight Ticket with the help of the name change Policy of Delta Airlines, this policy allows the passenger to change the misspelled name through various ways.

Can I transfer a plane ticket to someone else?

No, the passenger cannot be able to transfer a plane ticket to someone else.

Is the middle name optional on Delta Airlines?

Yes, it is. Since it is not necessary to put the middle name on the Ticket. Only first and last name is required, but if you have so make sure to fill in the correct name.

Does Delta allow the passenger name Change?

No, not allowed, Delta Airlines does not allow name changes on the transfer tickets, or if the passenger transfers it to someone else.
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