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Did you lose any of your items at the airport or on the plane while traveling with Delta? Do not worry! Delta Airlines agents are available to assist you to get back your lost item. Passengers can connect with only Delta Airlines lost and found desks when they have issues with lost, damaged, or delayed baggage.

Moreover, items missing from checked baggage should be notified within 24 hours for domestic travel and 7 days for international travel. Make sure that you have the reference number to check on a claim or wait for delayed baggage. The agents can assist you shortly with all your queries. 

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How to report the lost property on Delta Airlines?

Suppose you happen to miss your item during your journey, there are multiple ways available to report it. Passengers can use the Delta Airlines Lost and Found online form to submit a report/directly speak with the airline personnel at Delta lost item service counter.

  • Visit the official website of Delta Airlines. 
  • Locate the Lost Item form and click on it. 
  • Enter the required information in the given space. 
  • It is necessary to provide the correct information. 
  • Click on Done to submit the form. 
  • The Delta agents will quickly take action and start the process to find your lost time. 

Note: Passengers can communicate with Delta Airlines representatives anytime to report missing items. If you have found there are items missing from your luggage, you can even file the missing thing to a Delta representative quickly at 1-860-516-6375.

What can I do If I lose my item on a plane?

Did you suddenly realize that you have lost one of your items on the plane? Sit and relax! You must first check your seat as per the rules of lost and found Delta Airlines. Besides, it is possible to retrieve the lost item through the below steps: 

Contact Delta Airlines 

The first thing is to reach out to Delta Lost and Found as soon as possible or fill out the Delta Airlines lost and found form as early as possible. Passengers can also visit the official website of Delta Airlines to get the complete contact information. The agents will ask you to share the details of your flight and the lost item. 

Report a Lost Item

You must report your lost belongings at the earliest so that the agents can start the process to find your lost item and return it back to you. It is crucial to learn the process to report a lost item on Delta Airlines. The agents will tell you to share a brief description about your lost item. 

Check the Lost & Found Database

Customers can check the Delta Airlines lost and found database online where you can search for your lost thing with ease. The airline updates this database on a daily basis with the found items. So, it is better to check it frequently to get the updated information for your lost item. 

Buy Travel Insurance

It is better to purchase travel insurance as it covers the cost of lost items when the value of the lost belongings is high. Similarly, it can offer additional protection for your travel journey. 

Keep Track of Lost items

You must keep track of your lost item after submitting a report for the same. Besides, the persistence can pay off and the item may be found early/even in months. Items lost from the checked baggage must be informed within twenty four hours for domestic travel and seven days for international travel.

Note: If you have found that there are any items missing from your luggage, it is important to report the lost item to a Delta Airlines representative immediately at 1-860-516-6375. You will get an email from Delta Lost & Found department when you report for your missing item.

Does Delta pay for lost luggage? 

Delta Airlines has a straightforward policy for lost luggage and also offers compensation under some specified circumstances:

  • Delta Airlines offers compensation only for the reasonable expenses you incurred due to the delay issue in case your luggage is delayed by the airline but eventually provided to you. 
  • Passengers are able to get compensation for their lost items when their luggage is lost and unable to recover. 
  • Similarly, this compensation is subject to some restrictions and may not cover the value of your lost items. 
  • You must check whether you have bought Delta Airlines travel insurance or not. 
  • Similarly, These documents will mark the specific policies of Deta Airlines about the lost luggage and compensation.

What to do if the lost items are missing from my checked baggage? 

Suppose you find that one of your items is missing from your checked baggage, then you must inform the airline about the same immediately. Contact Delta Airlines Lost and Found (1-860-516-6375) for help. It is necessary to report a lost item from the checked baggage within 24 hours of domestic travel. 

Passengers must report an issue within seven days in case of international travel. You must get the reference number directly from the Delta representative. You can visit the official website to complete the Delta Airlines lost and found form and submit it. Additionally, you will find the lost and found desk at the airport.

How to get a delayed baggage fee rebate? 

There are situations sometimes when you are eligible to get a delayed baggage fee rebate only in case you didn’t get your bag within 12 hours of the applied delay. Read the points mentioned below for better knowledge: 

  • Delta Airlines will pay you in case your baggage is delayed for two or more hours once it is filed. 
  • You will acquire the rebate only as an e-travel voucher. 
  • Passengers must pay the applicable amount for the checked baggage. 
  • They must have at least a flight operated by Delta Airlines. 
  • The airline will send the rebate through email, and passengers can use it by an online application form. 
  • You can use the rebate for your future flight reservations only with Delta Airlines.


You don’t need to be worried about your lost item because the Delta Airlines lost and found team has got your back. If you happen to miss an item while on a Delta flight, there are different ways available to file for it. Passengers can either use the Lost and Found online form to submit a report/you can even speak to the Delta Airlines personnel at the ‘lost & found items’ department.

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