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Do you want to save your time before boarding a United flight? With United Airlines premier access, you can make it possible. Speed up the process at the airport during check-in, security check, and boarding using that facility. If you are a MileagePlus member of United Airlines, then it can make a huge difference in the way you travel.

What is Premier Access on United?

Premier access on United Airlines makes the journey to reach your seat less tiring. Using the Premier access feature, you can get priority during check-in, TSA check, and while boarding.

However, it may not include priority in baggage handling. You can avail of this service for a fee or without a fee, depending on your status with the airline.

You can still get premier access even if you do not have elite status. However, the airline can charge a fee for that. Therefore, it is important to learn everything about premier access in advance. The below article will help you understand its requirements, benefits, cost etc.

Who is Eligible for Premier Access on United Airlines?

If you are looking for passengers eligible for Premier access, then go through the following: 

  • MileagePlus Premier® members.
  • Star Alliance™ Gold members.
  • United Polaris business class, United First®, and United Business® passengers.
  • Passengers who pay for Premier Access.
  • MileagePlus Club and.
  • Presidential Plus credit cardmembers.

Note: United Airlines provides you and your companion premier access even when you become a premier member after purchasing a ticket.

Important Terms and Conditions- Premier Access

If you are looking to get Premier Access, then do not forget to consider the following terms and conditions.

  • Passengers can use the Premier Access service on the United and United Express flights.
  • Only a few airports provide this facility.
  • It only applies on flights for which passengers purchased it.
  • Basic Economy ticket holders can not get priority access.
  • The access is valid even if you make the changes.
  • United Airlines does not offer a refund when you cancel a trip with premier access.
  • The airline does not provide relaxation in scheduled check-in time.
  • Passengers need to buy separate premier access for passengers traveling on a ticket.
  • The word “Premier Access” should be mentioned on the passenger boarding pass.

Note: United Airlines can make changes to the terms and conditions as and when required. Therefore, check out them on the official website before proceeding further.

Can I Purchase a Premier Access on United Airlines?

Yes. You can purchase United Airlines premier access even when you are not a MileagePlus member or traveling in a Premium Cabin. You need to pay a fee starting at $24 while purchasing it. The fee can differ with the airline policies for each fare class.

So, you can travel frequently with United Airlines to get premier access like United Airlines priority check-in for free.  Otherwise, you can pay the above amount and make your journey less stressful.

Note: Paid premier access does not include priority baggage handling.
Basic economy ticket holders can not take advantage of priority access facilities.

What Do You Get with Premier Access?

If you are still unsure about using premier access on United Airlines, then check out the information below. You will get the following things with premier access:

  • Priority Boarding: You can always be the first to get on the flight. The airline gives you priority during boarding and also receives overhead bin storage.
  • Separate Security Lanes: United Airlines provides separate lanes for passengers with priority access. It ultimately reduces the stress of standing in the queue. 
  • Fast Check-in: With premier access, passengers can fasten the check-in process at the airport.  The gate agent gives you priority while check-in.
  • Priority Baggage Handling: United Airlines offers you priority baggage handling. Therefore, you will get your bags faster when deboarding from the flight. 

How to Get United Premier Access?

You can get it complimentary as per your status or purchase it from the airline website. United Airlines also allows buying Premier Access using mobile applications or through a kiosk at the airport. Check out the points below for step by step process.

Through United Airlines website or App

  • Go to the United Airlines website or open App.
  • Click on “My Trips”.
  • Enter sign-in details like confirmation number and last name.
  • Next, tap on “Search” button.
  • Choose a flight if you have more than one flight.
  • Click on “Optional Services.” 
  • Then, choose “Add Premier Access” option.
  • Make the payment if any.
  • Repeat the process for each passenger in the booking. 
  • Finally, the airline will send an email for updated details. 

Through Kiosk at the Airport

  • Go to the Kiosk machine at the airport.
  • Enter your e-ticket number and last name, or use MileagePlus account details.
  • Choose “Add Premier Access” from options available at the kiosk.
  • Make the payment if applicable and.
  • Head towards completing other procedures. 

Still finding it hard to get the access? Contact  United Airlines premier access phone number at 1-800-UNITED-1 (1-800-864-8331) for any question.

What Boarding Group is Premier Access on United?

United Airlines provides priority boarding to passengers having premier access. However, before that, the airline divides the passengers into boarding groups. Therefore, United Airlines put the passengers with premier access in Group 2. So, you will get boarding right after the passengers with pre-boarding rights.

Group 2 of United Airlines mainly includes the following passengers:

  • United Premier Silver members.
  • Star Alliance Silver status members.
  • Premier Access members / Priority boarding holders.
  • United Credit Cardholders.
  • You can check your boarding pass for the boarding group and “Premier Access” printed on it.

Does United Premier Access get you into the lounge?

Yes. Take advantage of United Airlines premier access lounge if you want to relax before boarding a United flight. Using this facility, you can spend time at United Club. United Airlines allows you access to the lounges and clubs. But for that, you may need the following:

  • Membership card
  • Boarding Pass
  • Government ID

United Polaris house premium lounges for long-haul international passengers. It includes Business Class and First Class with Star Alliance as a partner airline.

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