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Do you wish to travel with your pet? Volaris pet policy allows you to travel with your pets on board or as checked baggage allowance. You must follow specific rules and meet the requirements imposed by the airline. Volaris allows small cats and dogs to travel in the aircraft cabin.

People who suffer from any sensory, physical (visual or hearing), or intellectual disability can travel with a service dog at no extra charge. The below blog enables you to learn everything about this policy such as types of pet allowed/pet travel tips/ restrictions/charges/etc.

Guidelines For Volaris Airlines Pet Policy 

Pets are allowed in the passenger cabin provided that the combined weight of the particular container along with the pet must be 10 kg as per the Volaris pet travel requirement. Here are some points you must consider while traveling with your pet on Volaris flights: 

  • Pets are allowed to be transported on board in the passenger cabin and the total weight of the container including the pet, does not exceed the measure of 10kg.
  • Volaris does not allow any animals in the cabin during flight. All animals must travel as checked luggage.
  • Similarly, the pets may be brought on the plane under the cargo hold. The combined weight of the animal and the container must not exceed 45kg. 
  • ESA animals may be allowed on Volaris Airlines and the dog/cat must be under 20 pounds.
  • Only one container/cage per pet is allowed. 
  • Only dogs and cats are allowed to travel as pets. 
  • Additionally, Volaris Airlines does not allow pets less than 4 months of age. 
  • You can travel with only 4 pets that can be transported on each flight.
  • One pet is permitted per passenger under the Volaris pet-in-cabin policy. 
  • Besides, pets with unpleasant odors/that need to be scrubbed cannot travel.

How to Add a Pet on Volaris Flight?

You can add your pet to your Volaris reservation via the official website or by a phone call under the Volaris Airlines pet policy. Besides, you can do the same at the time of reservation or later. Follow the steps below to travel with your pet Volaris. 

  • Visit the official website of Volaris Airlines. 
  • Find the Travel With Pets option on the Select Seat page. 
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the reservation. 

If you have already confirmed your flight online, then consider the following steps to add your pet to the Volaris reservation. 

  • Go to the homepage of its official site. 
  • Click on the My Trip tab.
  • Enter the necessary details.
  • Choose the booking for which you want to add your pet. 
  • Select the Travel With Pets option.
  • Implement the on-screen prompts and complete the process. 

Note: you can directly call the airline to add your pet to your Volaris Airlines booking. You must provide some information about your pet such as its size/ breed/ weight/ health certificate/ vaccination record/ etc.

How Much Does It Cost to Travel with a Pet on Volaris Airlines? 

Volaris Airlines imposes a fee for passengers who wish to travel with pets. However, the Volaris pet fee differs based on domestic and international travel. Take a closer look at the below table for a better knowledge: 




Pet on board



Pet as checked baggage



For International Travel: 




Pet on board



Pet as checked baggage



The Volaris pet travel cost does not apply to service animals, and they must meet the necessary requirements for service.

Important Things about Volaris Pet Travel

The airline does not ask to pay any charge for the emotional support animal as per the Volaris pet travel policy. It is only available for the special routes that are: 

  • Within Mexico
  • Within Central America
  • Within South America
  • Mexico to Central America
  • Central America to South America, and vice-versa

You must check out the Volaris pet travel requirements below when you wish to bring an emotional support cat or dog onboard. Besides, an animal can travel as a checked pet with an extra fee when they do not belong to the following things: 

  • A statement from a mental health professional. 
  • It must be recent and approved within a year of the travel date. 
  • Should state the passenger is getting medical attention. 
  • It needs to be printed with the professional's expert license number on the top of the letterhead. 
  • You can even transport your ESA in a carrier or in a harness. 

Important Note: Small dogs and cats can accompany the passenger on the Volaris flights when the total weight of a pet and container does not outstrip 22 lbs (10 kg).

Volaris Pet Travel Requirements

You must be adhered to ythe following size and documentation requirements of the pet cabin under the Volaris pet policy. 

Important Documentation

You must bring an original vaccination certificate and a printed copy.

Every pet should be vaccinated against rabies up to 30 days prior to the travel date. 

  • Must have rabies vaccinations when the pet is 15 months old.
  • The application of the vaccine should be recorded at least one year before the departure date.
  • Should have the recent anti-parasitic which is not older more than six months than the date of the return flight. 
  • A health certificate that certifies that your pet is clinically healthy. 
  • You must have an original and photocopy of the sanitary certificate required when flying to/from Central America and Mexico. 
  • Besides, a pet's health certificate is not required when traveling to/from the USA.

Volaris Pet Travel Requirements As A Checked Baggage 

The approved cabin requires a pet to travel as a checked item that must meet the following situations: 

  • The total weight of the cage and pet must be 45 kg and more than this. 
  • The cage has a sturdy framework and good ventilation.
  • It must be scratch-resistant and have an anti-leak seal.
  • Handles are necessary to lift it. 
  • However, you must pay a Volaris pet fee when the cage exceeds 158 linear cm. 
  • Also, the cage allows the animal to move under it and feel comfortable.

Volaris Pet in Cabin Requirements 

The Volaris-approved pet container as carry-on baggage must meet the airline's requirements: 

  • First of all, the pet must be completely enclosed under Volaris-approved pet carrier containers. 
  • The dimensions must be within the size of 44 cm x 30 cm x 19 cm (17.5 x 12 x 7.5 inches).
  • The pet should be able to walk and fit physically. 
  • The pet container must go beneath the seat. 
  • The complete weight of the cage and the pet must not exceed 26 lbs under the Volaris Airline pet policy. 
  • Your pet may leave the container during the flight except in the situation of the take-off and landing.
  • Similarly, the pet is not permitted to be taken out from the container during the journey. 
  • The passenger and their pet will travel in the last row of the plane in a window seat. 

Important Point: Animals can travel as the checked luggage for 800 MXN only for domestic routes and 1,200 MXN only for international routes per pet.

Does Volaris allow pets? 

Yes. Volaris allows cats and dogs to be on board as pets. However, your pet must be vaccinated and under 4 months old. You can not travel with your pet when they are sick/ violent/dead/ or pregnant. 

In Conclusion! 

The above information on Volaris Pet Policy will be helpful to you when traveling with your pet. You must keep the pet travel requirements in mind to make your travel smooth and enjoy your flying journey with your pet. You can contact our experts anytime to get any assistance regarding traveling with your pet.

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