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Ready to go on an outing to the beautiful heaven of Hawaii or arranging an excursion to Hawaii for the absolute first time? If yes, simply envision yourself in lavish green forests,  sun-kissed beaches, and mesmerising landscapes.

Hawaii is a destination like no other. Get everything you are looking for on your trip here. To pick the best airline to fly to Hawaii, this detailed guide will act as a perfect virtual travel agent for you.

So, let's delve into the details of the top airlines that can make your Hawaiian travel experience a true delight.

The List of the Top 5 Airlines to Fly to Hawaii

Hawaiian Airlines
Southwest Airlines 
United Airlines 
American Airlines
Alaska Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines 

Hawaiian Airlines is known for giving the best travel services to its clients. If you go on an outing to Hawaii with Hawaiian Airlines, you will get the best flight insight, from Hawaiian culture to amazing onboard services. 

With such impressive services, Hawaiian Airlines is truly the best one. 

Southwest Airlines

The South Airline is best for budget- travelers, making it the best option for them to explore Hawaii on a budget, as It is known for offering the low-cost cost flights.

So, consider Southwest Airlines if you want to travel without breaking the bank! 

United Airlines

United Airlines stands out as the best choice for international travelers. Offers the passenger various perks, including the best airport and flight options.  Further, the airline offers flights to Hawaii from various top destinations, including Chicago, Denver, and Washington DC, AND best for the long-haul flight, 

American Airlines 

American Airlines is perhaps one of the biggest airlines amongst all US-based airliners. It offers the best in-flight services to its customers alongside a loyalty program to help frequent travellers book their future trips at a lesser cost.

Plus, United is partnered with  Hawaiian Airlines, whenever passengers fly with Hawaiian Airlines, they will earn bonus points.

Alaska Airline 

Alaska Airlines offers nonstop flights to Hawaiian different cities and flies from the West Coast of the US. When a passenger takes a flight, Alaska provides them with a spacious seating and friendly in-flight services and amenities. 

Thus, Alaska Airlines will be the best choice for flying to Hawaii.

What Are the Prominent Airports in Hawaii?

In Hawaii, there are five major airports. They offer the best services to their customers, like airport lounges, easy access to terminals, etc. 

Here are the major airports in Hawaii to choose from to take a flight to your destination. 

  • Kahului Airport, Maui 
  • Hilo International Airport, Hawaii Island 
  • Daniel K. Inouye International Airport
  • Ellison Onizuka Kona International Airport 
  • Lihue Airport

What Month is the Cheapest to Fly to Hawaii?

The peak time starts from December to March. In these months it is not easy to find the cheapest flight to Hawaii. The cheapest month to fly to Hawaii is April to June and September to early December. And you will find the cheapest flight during the autumn or spring months, and this time the weather, is pleasant,  to explore Hawaii. 

We recommend planning your travel ahead of time to secure the least expensive flight.

When Should I Book My Flight to Hawaii?

To travel to Hawaii at the lowest price possible, confirm your flight ticket well in advance, around 2 months before departure. 

For example: 

  • Buy a ticket 80 days before your flight if you are traveling to the islands in the springtime. 
  • And, purchase a ticket 2 months in advance, if you have plans to travel in the fall season.

Which Airport is the most reasonable to Fly into Hawaii?

While travelling from the US to Hawaii, it is highly economical to fly into the Oahu (Honolulu) or Maui (Kahului) air terminal. These airports generally offer more cheapest flight to Hawaii with various benefits. However, it is better to compare different airports in Hawaii, if you are flying from outside the US.

Which is a Must-Visit Island to Explore in Hawaii?

8 major islands exist in Hawaii. But it’s hard to understand which is the best to explore.  Don’t worry, we overcome your stress, by providing a list of the 4 best Hawaii islands you can choose for your upcoming travel.

The 4 most popular islands to visit are: 

  • Oʻahu (The Gathering Place)
  • Maui (The Valley Isle)
  • Hawaii (The Big Island)
  • Kauai (The Garden Isle)

The listed 4 Islands are the best choices for those expecting white sand beaches and luxury resorts. No matter what island you choose, you will find everything that will make your vacation memorable.

Bottom line 

In a nutshell, we have provided you with some considerable options for the best airline to fly to Hawaii. For budget travellers, Southwest Airlines will suffice the needs, and those seeking comfort can opt for United or American Airlines. Select the airliner that best suits your preferences, and relish a premium travel experience!

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