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It takes time to secure a flight ticket for a group of people. In that situation, you can consider booking a group ticket rather than a separate ticket. Therefore, when you need a flight booking for 20 passengers, every airline recommends securing a group travel. Further, you can enjoy all the advantages that airlines offer to group travelers. 

Now, you must be thinking about the process of booking a group travel. So, the answer is very simple. You can simply choose from the online and offline ways provided by a particular airline. Apart from that, you may also need to meet some specific criteria to ensure group tickets. Therefore, read the requirements carefully before booking a group ticket with any airline.

Terms and Conditions for Group Tickets

You can easily reserve a group by keeping important terms and conditions in mind. Hence, check below points to learn about them:

  • You can always book a group ticket when you travel with more than ten people.
  • Similarly, you can secure one-way or round-trip travel according to travel needs. 
  • The particular airline may provide a discounted base fare for your group. 
  • Further, you can complete a group booking a maximum of 330 days in advance. 
  • Next, you may lose the discounted fare if you do not meet the group travel requirements. 
  • You can make a free name change if you make it 72 hours before your journey.
  • However, the airline may charge a name change fee for changes within 72 hours of journey. 
  • You may not get a refund when you cancel your group flight ticket. 
  • However, the airline may provide you travel credit for the value of your ticket.
  • You can use it to book for future journeys.  
  • Similarly, the particular airline may not allow the same base fare if you add more passengers to your booking. 

Note: The above terms and conditions can change depending on the airline you choose. Therefore, check out the requirements on the website of the airline you are booking with.

How Do I Book a Group on Any Airline?

Every airline facilitates an online and offline booking process for its passengers. Therefore, you can read the below information offering step by step process:

Online Process to Book a Group

  • Visit the airline website.
  • Search for a group travel option.
  • Click on “ Group Travel.”
  • Then, a group travel request form will open.
  • Provide the requested details, including
  • Passenger details
  • Group price quotation
  • Each passenger requirement, etc.
  • Finally, click on the “Submit” button.
  • Further, the airline representative will mail you with the available option
  • Complete the booking on the airline website if you like the offer. 
  • On successful payment, you will receive an email for group booking confirmation.

Offline Process to Book a Group 

If you do not find the group booking option online, then you can use the offline method. In this, you simply call the airline representative and request for the group ticket. The person will guide you through the entire process.

Which Airlines Offer Group Discounts?

There are endless airlines which provide discounts on group bookings. Some of the famous airlines include American, United, JetBlue, Alaska, Southwest, Delta etc. But, it is highly dependent on the airlines if they will provide the cheap airfare or not.

Is It Cheaper to Book Flights for Multiple People?

You may get low or same airfare when you book multiple people under a single reservation. However, you may need to purchase an expensive ticket if a cheaper seat is not available. Therefore, book tickets together if you want a cheaper seating option. It ultimately lessens the final cost.

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