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Passengers who reserve their flight tickets with Frontier Airlines are able to change their flight with ease when they want. The airline understands the uncertainty of life, and thus, it designed Frontier Airlines flight change policy. All changes must be made before the required check-in period for your flight.

You can change the flight for dates/destinations/times and more as per your requirements. However, you must follow the airline guidelines for the same situation. This article will help you to understand the important information regarding the flight modification policy of Frontier Airlines.

Rules For Frontier Airlines Flight Change Flight Policy

Frontier Airlines has imposed some guidelines about the change flight policy for passengers who wish to change their flight for any reason. Go through all the points carefully: 

  • Passengers can modify their flight when they purchase the flight ticket only and direct from Frontier Airlines. 
  • The airline also charges a fee depending on various factors. 
  • You can amend your flight for free when you do it under a day of reservation. 
  • However, the difference between the reservation and the take-off is up to seven days. 
  • One will have to pay the flight change charges after the risk-free period. 
  • The Frontier Airlines 24-hour flight change policy rules are also applicable to those who made their reservation through third-party sites.

Change Your Frontier Flight Within 24 Hour For Free 

Travelers can modify their flight details within 24 hours of reservation without any cost. The condition is that you must purchase your ticket up to seven days before the take-off time of the flight. Tickets must be revoked 24 hours prior to the take-off of the flight to keep the value. 

You will be responsible for paying Frontier Airlines change flight fee when you miss this risk-free period and amend your flight after this time. The airline allows you to change your flight under the same day of take-off when the seats are available on the same flight. The 24-hour flight change policy is also applicable for tickets confirm through third-party websites.

How can I change my flight with Frontier Airlines? 

It is too easy to change a flight with Frontier Airlines. One can use the mentioned below steps to modify their flight details hassle-free: 

  • Visit the official website of Frontier Airlines. 
  • Enter the credentials to sign in to your account.
  • Select the My Trip tab. 
  • Mention the booking code and the last passenger’s name. 
  • Then, select the flight you want to change. 
  • Click on the Change Flight tab and make the desired changes. 
  • Pay the fee and fare difference when applicable to confirm all the changes.

Change Frontier Flight With Phone Number

The passengers can modify their flight through a phone call. You can dial Frontier Airlines, change your flight phone number at (801) 401-9000 or 1-860-516-6375, and follow the below steps: 

  • Dial the phone number on your mobile phone. 
  • Consider the IVR instructions and connect your call. 
  • Ask the agent to change your flight. 
  • Provide the required details to the agents. 
  • Share the reason to change your flight. 
  • He will ask you to pay the applicable charges. 
  • Wait, and he will change your flight shortly. 
  • You will obtain a confirmation email from the airlines for the same.

Frontier Airlines Change Flight At The Airport 

It is also an alternative when you are not able to use both the above methods. Then, you can visit the nearest airport and go to the help desk. You will meet representatives who will help you in changing your flight. The agent will ask you to share the reason behind modifying your flight. They will change your flight as early as possible and may tell you to pay the charges if required.

Frontier Airlines Flight Change Fee 

Passengers must pay the charges when they change their flight with Frontier. Similarly, the fees are not fixed as they are based on the different types, from $0 to $199. Also, the no of days remaining for the flight take-off time is the major factor on the basis that the airline imposes the change of ticket charges. Go through the below points for the better insight: 

  • The Frontier Airlines change flight fee may be free for the reservations made 90 days before the departure. 
  • Passengers have to pay a fee of $49 when they change flights under 14-89 days prior to the take-off time. 
  • The fee may be $99 to make the flight change request within 13 days of departure.
  • Moreover, passengers with basic fares will be required to pay a ticket change fee for any changes made to their travel. The fee starts from $60 to $119.
  • Likewise, the airline charges $79 per person per direction when the changes need to be made six days/ less prior to the take-off time.

Note: Frontier Airlines also charges the other charges applicable for the flight changes, which are the fare difference between the selected flight and the current flight.

Frontier Airlines Same Day Flight Change 

Passengers with Frontier Airlines also enjoy the advantage of same-day flight policy. However, it will only be applicable when the seats are available in the same cabin and on the same flight. Other pointers will be relevant in this situation that are as follows: 

  • Passengers who buy the Economy flight tickets must pay a Frontier Airlines change flight fee of USA 50.
  • In addition to this, other ticket fare for which the free facility of same-day modifications is available include Summit Level Members and the Classic Plus Ticket Members.

Note: All tickets may be canceled for a full refund up to 24 hours, Except for tickets purchased for travel under 7 days.

How many times can I change my flight with Frontier Airlines?

You can modify your flight multiple times as per your requirements under the Frontier Airlines flight modification policy. However, the airline will ask you to pay the applicable charges to do the same after the risk-free duration. Passengers with an economy flight ticket must pay a flight modification fee of $50. 

Note: You can amend your ticket by connecting the airline as per Frontier Airlines flight change policy when you need to change your flight ticket location. The first itinerary change which should be made on the official website or mobile app when you purchase Flight Flexibility.

Can I Change My Frontier Flight For Free? 

Yes. Frontier Airlines may ask you to pay the charge to use the flight change service. The fees will be charged that may differ on the time you want to modify your flight. Additionally, you will also pay the fare difference as per your cabin class selection. Ensure that the change must be made up to 90 days before the take-off time when you wish to change your flight for free. 

Note: Frontier Airlines does not charge a fee if the change is requested up to 8 days before scheduled departure. You may change tickets online/ through Frontier agents for a fee per ticket found here.

Can you Switch flights on Frontier Airlines?

Yes. You can contact Frontier Airlines agents directly when you are required to change your flight. However, you will need to provide your reservation details, such as the reservation number and the new flight details. 

Besides, you must pay the fee to modify your ticket, and it will depend on the fare rules of your original ticket. Similarly, you can make the Frontier Airlines flight change process also through (801) 401-9000 or 1-860-516-6375.


We have discussed everything about the Frontier Airlines flight change policy in the above discussion. Frontier Airlines offers flexible policies that can be incredibly beneficial in such situations. The reservation must have been made at least 7 days prior to departure to change the flight for free As per the Frontier Airlines 24-hour flight change policy. 

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