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Have you confirmed your flight with Sun Country Airlines and want to cancel it suddenly? Sun Country Airlines cancellation policy allows all the passengers to cancel their flights within 24 hours of departure time and get a full refund.
In this blog learn more about cancellation policy/cancellation fees/ process to cancel flight/ how to get a refund.

How to cancel a flight on Sun Country Airlines? 

Passengers with Sun Country Airlines can cancel a flight through various modes online, such as the official site, social media, and live chat, and offline, such as by phone & email support. You can pick one of them as per your preference listed below:

Steps to cancel a flight online: 

  • Visit the official website of Sun Country Airlines. 
  • Click on the Manage My Trip tab. 
  • You will get a new page. 
  • Enter your reservation number and last name. 
  • Hit the Continue tab. 
  • Here, select the Cancel Flight option. 
  • Click on the Refund Request tab to claim a refund. 
  • The airline will send you a confirmation email. 

Contact Sun Country Airlines to cancel your flight: 

Suppose you are unable to change online, please call our reservation line at 651-905-2737/+1-860-516-6375. It is an alternate method you can use to revoke your flight within 24 hours of reservation for a full refund. It is a very effective method to cancel a reservation with the help of experts. 

  • You can dial Sun Country flight cancellation phone number at +1-860-516-6375 to rebook your flight. 
  • After that, you will connect with a live person who will help you cancel your journey.
  • However, you must share your flight details with them and the reason to cancel your flight.
  • The agent will start the process of cancellation and tell you about your refund eligibility. 

Cancel Sun Country Flight At The Airport: 

Passengers can cancel their ticket when they are available at the with the help of staff present at the airport. You must go to the ticket counter and meet an airline supervisor. Tell them about your flight cancellation along with the reason. 

They will ask you to provide the reservation details to get your booking page. Travel agents will cancel your flight within a short time as per your request. You may pay a Sun Country cancellation fee if needed. 

What happens if Sun Country cancels your flight?

If Sun Country cancels your flight for a reason, the airline will rebook the upcoming available Sun Country flight without any cost to the passengers when requested. Sun Country informs the passengers about the canceled flights a few days before the Take-off. You can be denied boarding to the next flight when you no longer wish to travel. Sun Country will provide you with a refund for the unused part of the ticket. 

What happens if Sun Country cancels a flight due to weather?

If Sun Country Airlines cancels a flight due to weather conditions,the Airlines will rebook the next available flight for free. Sun Country Airlines may offer greater flexibility in cancellation policies/ reschedule fee or changes to travel plans. Passengers have the option to rebook their flights on alternative dates or routes subject to availability. 

How often are sun country airlines delayed or canceled?

Generally, it is based on the situation, such as the bad weather or technical glitches that cause Sun Country Airlines to cancel or delay their flight. Mostly, the airline informs the passengers about delayed or canceled flights before the specific time of departure if a bad situation does not occur suddenly. Similarly, Sun Country Airlines often delays the flight rather than cancels the flight.

An Overview Of Sun Country Ticket Cancellation Policy

There are some guidelines about the ticket cancellation policy of Sun Country. It is important to learn these terms and conditions when it comes to canceling a flight. Check out the following points carefully:

  • Travelers can cancel a booking with or without charges. 
  • The fee depends on the booking and the cancellation period.
  • One can cancel a flight reservation online through the Manage Trip.
  • All cancellations are subject to a 10% fee.
  • You can cancel a Sun Country flight for almost free/through nominal charges within 24 hours from the reservation time.
  • The reservation date must be seven days before the date of the take-off. 
  • You can ask for a refund when you cancel your flight within the risk-free period.
  • Sun Country will not offer any refund in case the flight reservation is done seven days before take-off. 
  • The amount of the refund may differ as it depends on the type of ticket. 
  • You can cancel a Sun Country Airlines reservation through the mobile app.

Does Sun Country have a 24-hour cancellation policy? 

You can cancel your itinerary within 24 hours of booking when you book your flight up to seven days before the take-off under the Sun Country 24-hour cancellation policy. It allows full refunds for the flight tickets cancel within twenty hours of purchase.

The 24-hour cancellation policy is only applicable to the normal published airfare. It does not apply to group reservations/vacation packages/non-air products. 

How much does it cost for Sun Country flight cancellation?

Sun Country Airlines imposes a fee on passengers who cancel a flight ticket. Similarly, the fee amount is not the same for all passengers as it depends on various factors. Here are some points that will give you an idea about the flight cancellation fee criteria. 

  • Sun Country Airlines does not ask you to pay a fee if you cancel a flight 60 days/ more before departure. 
  • Sun Country Airlines cancellation fee will be $50 when you cancel your flight up 14 to 59 days before the date of the travel. 
  • You must pay $100 as a penalty for the flight you cancel 14/ less than days prior to the date of the take-off time. 

Note: The airlines will credit your refund to your next ticket when your reservation is eligible for a complete refund. Passengers can get the credited refund within one year from the date of your confirmed flight.

Does Sun Country have a free cancellation? 

Yes. You can cancel your Sun Country flight for free within 24 hours of reservation. The airline allows its passengers to cancel the ticket within departure time. You can enjoy a free cancellation within a specified time under the Sun Country cancellation policy.

What is the Sun Country Airlines Refund Policy?

Sun Country also offers a refund to its passengers in some specific circumstances. The flight tickets applicable for a refund as per the cancellation policy as follow: 

  • Passengers will get a refund within 7 days from the time they request a refund for the tickets bought by credit card.
  • You will get a ticket refund within 20 days when the flight ticket is confirmed by cash/check in accordance with Sun Country flight cancellation policy.
  • Sun Country Airlines will offer the refund in the actual form of payment/credit vouchers when applicable.
  • The optional refunds may be provided according to the above time frame.

Bottom Line! 

In Conclusion Sun Country Cancellation policy allows the passengers to cancel their journey. You can even cancel their flights and get a full refund when the cancellation happens within 24 hours of reservation. You can contact customer service experts for any query and get instant help. 

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

How long does it take for Sun Country to refund money?

Sun Country Airlines offers the refund only to the eligible passengers within 7 days from the travel time. It is only applicable for all kinds of tickets buy through ticket cards. You will get a refund for 20 days on all tickets buy through cash upon the receipt of the request and all needed documentation. 

Does Sun Country have a 24-hour cancellation policy?

Yes. Sun Country Airlines allows the passengers to cancel their flight within 24 hours of booking for free. You can also ask for a full refund.

How much is Sun Country delayed flight compensation?

You can book a new flight in case a flight is delayed by three or more hours by Sun Country Airlines. The airline will also provide you with the compensation of up to $750 for your airfare due to the travel protection plan. 

What is the phone number for Sun Country cancellation?

If you are unable to cancel your flight online, you can directly get in touch with the Sun Country customer service team by calling them at 651-905-2737. You must have the complete information of your flight. Passengers can cancel their flight online also through the official website.

What happens if I miss my Sun Country flight?

What if I miss my flight? Contact Sun Country phone number 651-905-2737 to rebook you on a later flight or allow you to fly on standby on the next flight if possible.
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