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Have you booked a ticket with Alaska Airlines and require cancellation for sudden changes in plan? However, questions like whether the airline will provide you refund or you will lose the ticket must be wandering in your mind. Therefore, Alaska Airlines cancellation policy will come to your aid in this regard. It will help you get a refund for an unutilized part of the ticket. 

But, first, you should meet the airline terms and conditions. The airline can ask you to pay cancellation fees in some circumstances. It can pay the remaining amount in the travel credit or to the original source. Therefore, the below information will help you to learn more about the Alaska cancellation process.

Does Alaska Airlines Have a 24-hour Cancellation Rule?

Yes. With Alaska Airlines 24-hour cancellation policy, you have got the freedom to revoke your ticket for full refund. Complete the cancellation in 24-hour of booking and seven days before flight . 

  • Things you need to know about 24-hour cancellation rules:
  • You will get only for the unused portion of your ticket.
  • The above policy does not apply to tickets purchased within 24-hour before flight. 
  • In that case, the airline applies the standard cancellation rules.

Important Policies to Cancel Ticket on Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines allows you to cancel flight tickets. However, first, you should consider some terms and conditions:

  • You can cancel your flight ticket for free on all fare types when you make it in 24-hour of ticket reservation. Seven days should be there on the flight departure date.
  • Alaska Airlines has removed the cancellation fees completely on Main and First Class fares. 
  • You can cancel the Saver Fares for full refund in 24-hour of ticket booking.
  • You will get 50 percent of the ticket amount in flight credit for Saver Fares when you cancel it 14 days before the flight. 
  • Alaska no-show policy allows you to cancel a ticket for future travel credit before flight. 
  • If you have booked an Alaska flight through Expedia or any other third party, then contact them for cancellation. 
  • Alaska Airlines provides a refund in future credit for group ticket cancellations. You have to use it within 1 year of getting it. 
  • If you cancel your ticket because of a medical emergency, Alaska Airlines lets you cancel your ticket for future credit. However, you need to submit the documents as proof of that.

What is Alaska Airlines Award Ticket Cancellation Policy?

Alaska Airlines has a simple policy for award tickets cancellation. Therefore, check out the terms below:

  • The airline will add the miles to your account when you cancel an award ticket. 
  • You will receive the amount paid for the taxes. 
  • If you have paid any booking fee or partner award charges, then the airline will not refund it.
  • The rules of bought fare apply to award tickets. 
  • The airline will provide a refund for the monetary value for refundable fare. 
  • Alaska Airlines will issue the credit for the unutilized ticket in other conditions. 
  • The airline keeps the ticket amount  when you do not revoke it prior to departure.

How to Cancel Alaska Airlines Flight Ticket?

Alaska Airlines gives you many ways to revoke a flight ticket. Therefore, you can easily cancel it through airline website, calling the agent, or at the airport. If you want to learn about them in detail, then follow the below information:

Method 1: Through Alaska Airlines Website

  • Visit Alaska Airlines website
  • Go to “Manage my Trips” section.
  • Enter the login details, such as PNR number and last name. 
  • Choose a flight that you need to cancel
  • Look for “Cancel your Flight” option.
  • Pay the cancellation fee if applicable.
  • Get the confirmation email from the airline.

Method 2: Calling the Representative

You can contact Alaska Airlines phone number(000 800 100 1051) when you are unable to cancel your ticket online. Listen to the IVR commands and choose the prompts. An agent will take your call and help you with ticket cancellation. Provide him the necessary details and complete the process. 

Method 3: At the Airport

You can also contact a representative at the helpdesk at the airport. Request him to cancel the ticket. The agent will explain about the cancellation process and fees. You can cancel your flight ticket anytime before the check-in process.

Cancel Ticket for Group Reservations

Contact Alaska Airlines group desk 1-800-445-4435 to cancel a group ticket reservation. The agent will share all the alternatives you have.

How Much Alaska Airlines Charge for Ticket Cancellation?

You do not need to pay an Alaska Airlines cancellation fee when you cancel a ticket in 24 hour of ticket reservation. Alaska Airlines has revised its policy on 1 may 2021 for Main Cabin First Class fares. According to that, Alaska Airlines will not charge a cancellation fee on these fares. 

Previously, Alaska Airlines provides the full refund for Saver fares if cancelled in 24-hour of ticket booking. After that, it did not provide a refund.

However, since July 19, 2023, Alaska Airlines started providing 50 percent of the ticket value. It is possible only when you cancel your ticket a minimum 14 days before flight.

Eligibility Requirements for Refund on Alaska Airlines 

You must be thinking if your ticket qualifies for online cancellation, refund or credit. Then the answer is your booking must meet the following requirements:

  • You have purchased the ticket from Alaskaair.com, the booking call center, or the Alaska ticket counter. 
  • Your fare does not include a government fare.
  • You must not keep the Saver fare after 24-hour of reservation. 
  • Further, the ticket purchase or partial must not exceed one year from the original purchase.
  • You have not purchased the group ticket and vacation packages. 
  • The booking must not contain a ticket for unaccompanied minors from another airline. 
  • You have made payment in US dollars.

Alaska Airlines Cancellation Refund Policy

Are you looking to get a refund for your cancelled Alaska ticket? You will surely get it, but first, you have to consider the below information:

  • Alaska Airlines will provide you the full value of your ticket back when you cancel it in 24-hour of booking. 
  • However, the above rule does not apply to Saver Fares. 
  • Alaska Airlines provides only 50 percent of the ticket in credit as a refund for Saver fares.
  • However,you will get this refund only when you cancel the ticket 14 days before departure of the first flight. 
  • You can get the refund through the Alaska Airlines website or by calling its representative once you satisfy the above conditions.


Hopefully, you have the clarity on Alaska Airlines cancellation policy and process to get the refund. Use the above information whenever you decide to cancel your flight ticket. Alaska Airlines always help you to use the value of your ticket. Therefore, it provides various ways to get the refund. Still if you want to learn more about cancellation on Alaska Airlines, call its representative.

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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

What is the cancellation policy for Alaska Airlines standard tickets?

Alaska cancellation policy for standard tickets requires you to cancel your ticket in 24 hour of purchase for no fee.

Does Alaska Airlines allow you to cancel?

Yes. You can cancel your ticket for a full refund in 24-hour of reservation. After that period, you need to pay a cancellation fee for Saver fares.

Does Alaska have cancellation fees?

Alaska Airlines has no fee for Main Cabin and First Class fares in any case. However, for Saver Fares, the airline takes 50 percent of the ticket value as a cancellation fee.

Can I get credit for a canceled flight on Alaska?

Yes. You can get credit for 50 percent of the ticket amount when you cancel it 14 days before scheduled flight time.

What is the difference between Saver and Main Cabin on Alaska?

Saver Fares includes many benefits of Main Cabin. But, it comes with some restrictions. For example, you will earn fewer miles, limited flight cancellations, etc on Saver Fares.
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