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Do you wish to sit on your favorite seat while traveling with JetBlue? Well, You can select your desired seat at the time of reservation to make your travel more comfortable. The JetBlue seat selection is easy to process and allows you to reserve the best seat on the plane. 

Moreover, you have various options to book your flights in advance with JetBlue Airlines. Selecting a seat in advance enables you to have better seat options for your travel. This blog will cover everything about JetBlue seat Selection policy for your information. Keep reading till the end!

Highlights Of JetBlue Airways Seat Selection Policy 

You can reserve your desired seat with ease to make your travel most comfortable. Ensure to select a seat in advance to acquire the multiple best seat options. Read the below guidelines to pick the best seat on the plane: 

  • Passengers with JetBlue Airways can reserve their seats at the time of reservation and after the reservation as well.
  • You must know that the airline also charges a fee to select a seat. 
  • JetBlue offers multiple fare types: Blue Basic/ Blue/ Blue Plus/ Blue Extra/ and Mint. 
  • Both seats must be booked in the same fare option when you purchase an extra seat. The chosen fare option will determine the baggage allowance.
  • JetBlue Airlines allows passengers to select their seats in advance for a more customized and comfortable flying experience.
  • Should you choose not to decide in advance, JetBlue will allocate you free seats at check-in.
  • JetBlue Airways seat selection rules vary based on which fare class you buy.
  • When you choose Blue Basic tickets, reserve your seats 24 hours prior to the planned departure.
  • The guidelines for selecting seats are specific to your travel class.
  • To upgrade from Economy to Mint seats or even more space, pay an additional fee.
  • Seat assignments are not made for codeshare flights made through the GDS. Seats are available upon check-in or by visiting JetBlue's website.
  • If you would prefer more room between passengers, you can buy an extra seat.

How Can I Select My Flight Seat On JetBlue?

Looking for the steps to reserve your desired seat on jetBlue flights? Go through the below instructions and consider them carefully: 

Online Method:

  • Open the official website of JetBlue Airways.
  • Log in to your account. 
  • Select the Manage Booking tab. 
  • Enter the required information in the given space. 
  • Search for your Reservation details. 
  • Move ahead to the Search Results page. 
  • Click on the Seat Selection tab. 
  • Choose your desired seat with the help of Seat Map. 
  • Pay the applicable charges when required. 

Phone Call:

Passengers can dial the JetBlue phone number at 1-855-ADA-LINE (232-5463) to book their favorite seats. Consider the following steps for the same: 

  • Listen to the IVR instructions once you dial the number. 
  • Follow the voice process as per your request. 
  • You will connect to a live person. 
  • Provide your reservation details with them on the call. 
  • Tell your seat preferences to get the same. 
  • Pay the applicable cost to confirm your seat.

Seat Selection At The Airport 

It is possible to select a seat directly at the airport. You can consider the below instructions when you are interested to reserve your seat through this method: 

  • Visit your nearest airport. 
  • Move to the Ticket Counter. 
  • Request the agent to book your seats. 
  • Share your preference for your desired seats. 
  • The agent will book the same. vb  
  • You must pay the charges when asked.

Advantages of Even More Space Seats 

Are you looking for additional benefits of JetBlue flights? You must pick JetBlue Even More Space Seats. You can choose the preferred seats once you make the JetBlue reservations. Moreover, You will also be able to get priority boarding. Some of the major benefits of having JetBlue Even More Space Seats are: 

  • Boarding in advance
  • Extra legroom
  • More Speed
  • Early and easy access to the overhead bins

How to Book extra seats on JetBlue? 

Do you want to book extra seats on JetBlue Airlines? It is possible as the airline enables you to book extra seats with ease under the JetBlue Airways seat selection policy. Ensure that you can choose the extra seats only when you want to be physically far from your fellow travelers. Follow the below instructions to do the same: 

  • Book a flight and select the seat selection tab. 
  • Make a reservation for extra seats.
  • Add the number of additional seats. 
  • Select a suitable flight from your search results. 
  • Enter the required information of the first traveler. 
  • You must provide information about other travelers as well. 
  • Choose this option, which is an empty seat for other travelers. 
  • After that, clarify the person who will sit next to the empty seat. 
  • Select an appropriate option if you are traveling with musical instruments. 
  • Move ahead and select your desired seats along with the extra seats.

JetBlue Seating Chart

JetBlue seating chart depends on the configuration and the layout of the plane. The airline understands that the seating choices of the passengers may be different based on the flight route. Go through the information below and choose your seats accordingly: 

JetBlue A321 Long Range: It offers 114 seats and 24 Mint suites. This type of aircraft contains up to 31 seating rows.

Airbus A220: This aircraft features 2*3 seats, perfect for families and couples. With 140 seats spread across 28 rows, it provides a comfortable and intimate flying experience.

Airbus A321 Classic: This 200-seat plane is only configured to offer a travel-friendly flying experience. It involves seven Even More Space Rows. 

Embraer E190: Embraer E190 is a perfect plane and contains 100 seats. It is good for the passengers who hate dreaded middle seats. All the seats under this aircraft are either an aisle or a window.

What is the JetBlue seat selection fee? 

JetBlue seat assignment costs range from $20 to $30. You must pay an additional fee to book seats with additional space/mint. The price is shown when you pick the seat. You can review your seat assignments and enter your payment information, and you are all set. 

JetBlue seats for Elite members

The elite members of the TrueBlue loyalty program are considered Mosaic members. Mosaic Elite status is divided into four levels based on the number of tiles earned by the passenger. Read the following points for additional information: 

  • Mosaic members are able to upgrade their flight tickets to any seat, such as Even More Space seats, without any extra cost, subject to seat availability. 
  • Level 1 members can upgrade their seats at the time of check-in. 
  • Level 2 or higher members will get even more space seats during the reservation. 
  • You will get up to four certificates to upgrade your ticket to mint, depending on the availability of seats when you reach Level 3. 
  • Similarly, you will get an additional two certificates at Level 4.

Wrap Up!

This is all about the JetBlue Seat Selection policy and how you select your preferred seat. We discussed that the passengers can choose their seats according to their choice. Sometimes, you may pay to have your seat on the plane. It is advisable to read all the guidelines before selecting your seat to avoid any hassle.

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