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American Airlines is into flight service for the last ninety years. It currently covers over 360 destinations in 60 countries. Therefore, American Airlines knows the passengers baggage requirements for domestic and international destinations. With American Airlines baggage policy for Basic Economy, take a carry-on bag and a personal item for no cost. Learn about the baggage allowance before you reserve an American Airlines flight.

What Includes in American Airlines Basic Economy Baggage Policy?

American Airlines ensure that your baggage gets the proper place and space on the aircraft. Therefore, it has clear guidelines for baggage to carry when you buy a Basic Economy ticket.

  • All passengers including AAdvantage members can take a carry-on bag and a personal item. The airline does not demand a fee. 
  • The carry-on bag should come under the seat before your seat. 
  • American Airlines allows you to carry your pet , instrument or special item for a fee alongwith 1 personal item.
  • Any other item needs to be checked at the ticket counter.
  • American Airlines provides checked baggage for Basic Economy for a fee.
  • Check the size and weight requirements for carry-on and checked baggage.

What is AA Basic Economy Checked Baggage Policy?

American Airlines allows checked baggage in Basic economy for a fee. But, you have to meet the below conditions. 

American Airlines Basic Economy Checked Baggage Fee:

  • For travelling within or between the U.S, Puerto rico and U.S virgin islands 
  1. First checked baggage fee: 40$ (for offline) and 35$(for online).
  2. For Second checked baggage: 45$.
  • For flight to and from Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, Central America and Guyana
  1. First checked baggage fee: 35$.
  2. For second checked baggage: 45$.

Note: The above fee is non refundable and applies to all passengers. There is no fee on the first checked bag for AAdvantage members on domestic flights.

Basic Economy Checked Baggage Weight and Dimensions:

For destinations except Australia or New Zealand

  • Baggage dimension should not be over 62 inches.
  • Similarly, the baggage weight should exceed 50 pounds.
  • First / Business Class: Carry baggage not more than 70 pounds for free. You can take additional baggage of not more than 50 pounds for a fee.

For flights to and from Australia/ New Zealand

  • American Airlines allows dimension upto 62 inches and weight upto 50 pounds.
  • Business Class and First Class can carry 70 pounds weight for free and 50 pounds on payment. 

Is Carry-on Allowed on the American Airlines Basic Economy?

Yes. American Airlines lets you bring a carry-on bag or a personal item for no cost.However, you should meet its dimension and weight criterias. 

Basic Economy Carry-on Baggage Weight and Dimensions

  • For carry-on baggage: 22x14x9 inches.
  • Personal item: 18x14x8 inches.
  • Musical Instruments: It should fit under the seat in front of you. 

The airline also allows you to carry a pet, special item or an instrument for a standard fee. 

American Airlines does not accept things like diaper bags, strollers etc., in personal items.

American Airlines Carry-on Baggage Fee for Basic Economy

American Airlines does not demand a fee for carry-on on Basic Economy. However, you may need to pay a standard fee for pets, instruments and special items. 

Note: Check out the American Airlines baggage policy when you bring a pet or any other item on board. Meet the requirements for pet carrier dimensions and weight.

How Many Bags Can I Take on Basic Economy?

You can take a carry-on bag and a personal item for no cost in Basic Economy. All passengers including AAdvantage status members can take its benefit. 

American Airlines follow the below limit for the checked-baggage

  • Check maximum 10 bags for domestic, transatlantic and transpacific flights.
  • However, check maximum 5 bags when you travel to and from 
  1. Mexico, Central America, Caribbean.
  2. South America.
  3. Brazil.

Does Basic Economy Mean No Carry-On?

No. You can always take one carry-on bag when you purchase a Basic Economy ticket on American Airlines. 


Get an understanding of the above American Airlines baggage policy and spend a happy time on board. Check your baggage twice for the weight and size limit before leaving for the airport. Call American Airlines helpdesk for more help, or contact our travel experts at +1-860-516-6375.

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